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High School Trivia Contest


Date: October 17, 2022

Time; 6pm - 7:30pm

Place: Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Trivia Theme: Harry S. Truman's Life and Presidency

Teachers should register their school's trivia team here

Contest rules

Organization of teams:

1. There is one team per table, each team having up to six players.

2. All points are awarded to teams, not individual players.

3. Prizes will be awarded to the teams that finish first, second, and third based on cumulative points.


Play and Scoring:

1. Each table will be furnished with two answer sheets on which to record answers. One answer sheet per table will be turned in to the judges. The other sheet may be used to keep track of your answers.

2. Questions will be read and appear as PowerPoint slides. Students have 30 seconds after the question has been read to write their answer on the answer sheet.

3. There are a total of fifty questions, spread over 5 rounds. Questions include multiple choice, true-false, fill-in, matching, and audio identification.

4. Each team should designate a team member to be a runner. After the end of a round, the runner will take one answer sheet to the judges table and give their answer sheet to the judge for their table number. The judge will take their answer sheet and give the runner two answer sheets for the next round.

5. The answers to the questions will be given at the conclusion of the round, once answer sheets have been turned in.

6. Each correct answer is worth one point. No partial credit will be given.

7. If a tie exists following the fifty questions, five tie-breaker questions will be asked. If the tie is not broken, the winner will be determined by a coin toss.

8. Rounds are timed and answer sheets must be turned in at the end of each round on a timely basis. 


General Rules:

1. If it is determined that an answer is improperly worded, legitimately in dispute or the “correct” answer is wrong, then the entire question will be discarded for all teams, even if a team gives the correct answer.

2. When an answer calls for someone’s name, the last name will be sufficient, unless the question specifically requires a more thorough answer.

3. Judges will apply the “close enough” rule for spelling.

4. No partial credit will be given.

5. Any team found using a dictionary, almanac, wireless internet device, help from the audience or any other unsportsmanlike aid will be disqualified.