Folder: 1951

Series: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE, 1949-1960
Collection: Robert N. Golding Papers
Memorandum from Wallace Gade to Robert N. Golding with Attachments
Transcript of Radio Debate on East-West Trade Between George W. Maloney, U.S. Senator from Nevada and Robert N. Golding, Special Assistant for East-West Trade Affairs, Economic Cooperation Administration
Transcript of Hearings, Export Controls and Policies (Export of Strategic Materials), Before the Subcommittee on Export Controls and Policies of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Memorandum from Robert N. Golding to Richard M. Bissell, Jr., with Attachments
Routing Note from Robert N. Golding, with Attachments and Notes
Memorandum from Robert N. Golding to W. C. Foster with Attached Draft Letter to Senator Pat McCarran, January 4, 1951
Memorandum from James A. McCullough to Paul R. Porter, January 12, 1951
Report of Senator Pat McCarran to the Special Subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Foreign Economic Cooperation, February 14, 1951
Transcript of Executive Session of the United States Senate Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Subcommittee on Export Policies and Controls, Washington D.C., March 2, 1951, March 2, 1951