United States Army

A procession of honorary pallbearers follows the casket of Stephen T. Early prior to the burial in Arlington National Cemetery

Honorary pallbearers follow the remains of Stephen T. Early as they proceed to the grave site in Arlington National Cemetery where full military honors were accorded the late Deputy Secretary of Defense. Shown among the pallbearers are Fred Vinson (front row, dark suit) and Frank Pace second behind the man in the light suit.

Gordon Gray being sworn in as Director of the Psychological Strategy Board

Gordon Gray ( right), former Secretary of the Army and now President of the University of North Carolina, is sworn in as Director of the new Psychological Strategy Board. President Harry S. Truman is present at the ceremony. Frank K. Sanderson (left) administers the oath. The Board was set up to coordinate the activities of all government agencies in directing nonmilitary aspects of the Cold War.