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President Harry S. Truman with Democratic Members of the House of Representatives

President Harry S. Truman (seated), with a group of House Democrats. Left to right, standing are Representatives Harold D. Donohue, Massachusetts; William T. Byrne, New York; Walter B. Huber, Ohio; Clair Engle, California; John Lesinski, Michigan; John R. Murdock, Arizona; Michael Kirwan, Ohio; Antonio M. Fernandez, New Mexico; Aime J. Forand, Rhode Island; and Francis E. Walter, Pennsylvania.

Truman presenting Official Insignia to Blinded Veterans Association

President Harry S. Truman (fifth from right), presenting the Official Insignia of the Blinded Veterans Association, Inc., to the executives of the organization at a White House ceremony. Left to right are Lloyd M. Greenwood, Harrison King, James W. Hope, Raymond T. Frey, Byrum S. Shumway, President Truman, Irvin P. Schloss, Robert Pistel, Peter J. McKenna, and John F. Brady.

Truman with Ararat Shriners

Renah Camalier (second from left), Howard Foley (third from left), and Omer Clark (right) present President Harry S. Truman (far left) with tickets to the annual Shrine Circus. President Truman is shown receiving a bid to open the first performance of the 8th annual Shrine Circus on April 19, 1948.

Truman with Board of Trustees of FDR Memorial Foundation

President Harry S. Truman (front row, center) meeting with the Board of Trustees of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Foundation. Seated, left to right: Frank C. Walker, President Truman, and Samuel I. Rosenman. Rear, left to right: William D. Hassett, Theodore R. Gamble, Grace G. Tully, Isador Lubin, William Green, Robert E. Sherwood, George E. Allen, Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, William Cronin, and Peter H. Odegard.