Sex: Female
Father: Barnett MACMONEGAL
Mother: Susan PYLE
Birth: 18 Nov 1789
Death: 28 Jun 1866 Independence, Missouri



Family 1

Spouse/Partner: Smallwood Turner NOLAND b. 20 Jun 1787 d. 3 Feb 1858
Place of Birth: Lincoln or Madison County, Kentucky
Place of Death: Independence, Missouri
Marriage: 6 Sep 1806 Madison County, Kentucky
  Edward Turner NOLAND Female                   
  Barnett NOLAND Female                   
  Sarah (Sally) NOLAND Female                   
  Martha NOLAND Female                   
  Jesse NOLAND Female b. 10 Apr 1811 d. 1876
  John Bergin NOLAND Female b. 1827 d. 1910
  Angeline NOLAND Female                   
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