Sex: Male
Father: Daniel NOLAND
Mother: Henrietta SMALLWOOD
Birth: 1761 Charles County, Maryland
Death: 26 Jan 1834 Mt. Sterling, Estill County, Kentucky
Notes: Birth date also 1757
James Noland, Ledstone Noland, Jesse Noland--soldiers in the Revolutionary War
Rebecca Noland Collins, wife of Michael Collins, daughter of Ledstone Noland p. 276 Vital Historical Records Jackson County, Missouri 1826-1876
In DAR Magazine, Dec. 1949 page 996 "pensioners."
Noland, Barbara--James, Capt. #2689 June 22, 1837 (1836) from Kentucky Nov 13, 1844.



Family 1

Spouse/Partner: Sarah TURNER
Place of Birth:
Place of Death:
Marriage: 1786 Lincoln County, Kentucky
  Jesse NOLAND Male                   
  Rebecca NOLAND Male                   
  Nancy NOLAND Male                   
  Anne NOLAND Male                   
  Mary NOLAND Male                   
  Sarah NOLAND Male                   
  Smallwood Turner NOLAND Male b. 20 Jun 1787 d. 3 Feb 1858
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