Sex: Male
Death: 1712 MD
Notes: Colonel James Smallwood came to Maryland from England in 1664. In 1694 he signed with others the disclaimer of belief in Transsubstantiation. 1694 he gave 800 pounds of tobacco toward support of a free school. In the same year he was High Sheriff of Charles County (Maryland Archives, Vol XX p. 242) In 1689 Mr. James Smallwood was appointed "Major of foot" in room of Major John Wheeler (Maryland Archives, vol. XIII, p. 242) and was named as on of a number to regulate civil affairs of Charles County (Ibid. 243). On April 8, 1692, Major James Smallwood of Charles County was appointed to deal with Indians as a near neighbor unto and well acquainted with most or all of the Indians of the said county (Ibid vol. VIII, p. 307). In 1692 Major James Smallwood was authorized to raise his company on the east side of Port Tobacco Creek, and on NOrth side of Potomac River within the bounds of Port Tobacco Parish (La Plata Lib R.V.1 fol 460). On June 9, 1700, he is called Lieutenant-Colonel James Smallwood (La Plata, Lib A No. 2, fol. 65) and thereafter his name is regularly prefixed with the title "Colonel." From 1692 unitl his death he represented Charles County in the Maryland assembly and the archives of that period are replete with references to him. Colonel Smallwood's will is dated Sep 16, 1712, probated in Charles County, Jan 12, 1714. He styles himself as of Charles County, yet his will indicates that he was living at that time on his plantation, "Beau Plains" in Prince George County, Maryland.



Family 1

Spouse/Partner: Mary THOMPSON
Place of Birth:
Place of Death:

Family 2

Spouse/Partner: Hester EVANS
Place of Birth:
Place of Death:
  John SMALLWOOD Male b. 1666
  Ledstone SMALLWOOD Male b. 1667
  James SMALLWOOD Male b. 1668
  Mary SMALLWOOD Male b. 1670
  Matthew SMALLWOOD Male b. 1673
  Thomas SMALLWOOD Male b. 1675
  William SMALLWOOD Male b. 1677
  Pryor SMALLWOOD Male b. 1680
  Benjamin SMALLWOOD Male b. 1681
  Bayne SMALLWOOD Male b. 1685
  Sarah SMALLWOOD Male                   
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