Francis Marion NOLAND

Sex: Male
Father: James NOLAND
Mother: Barbara SAUNDERS
Birth: 11 Mar 1785 Rowan County, North Carolina
Death: 8 Aug 1873 Jackson County, Missouri
Notes: Francis Noland is thought to have had the full name Francis Marion Noland. Since his father, James Noland, was a soldier in the War of the Revolution and he was born in North Carolina at the close of that war, it is very likely true that he was named for the "Swamp Fox."



Family 1

Spouse/Partner: Susanna MACMONEGAL b. 30 Oct 1791 d. 28 Jul 1849
Place of Birth: Estill County, Kentucky
Place of Death: Jackson County, Missouri
Marriage: 2 Jan 1809 Estill County, Kentucky
  James Jackson NOLAND Male                   
  Barnett NOLAND Male                   
  Francis Asbury NOLAND Male                   
  Amos NOLAND Male b. 5 Sep 1819 d. 28 Dec 1881
  Aaron NOLAND Male                   
  Hazzard Perry NOLAND Male                   
  Wesley Tilford NOLAND Male b. 25 Nov 1817 d. 15 Feb 1851
  Nancy Lee NOLAND Male                   
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