Aka: Gentleman
Sex: Male
Father: Mott DONIPHAN
Mother: Rosanna ANDERSON
Birth: 1718 Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia
Death: 1761 King George County, Virginia
Notes: Born between 1718 and 1720.
All the children of Anderson Doniphan were under age at his death.
Mott Doniphan (grandfather) was guardian of three of the children.
Magdalin Monteith Doniphan (mother) was guardian of the other two--King George County, Virginia Records.
Anderson Doniphan's will dated 4 Dec 1760 and proved 5 Mar 1761 remains of record King George County, Virginia W.B. #2, p.12



Family 1

Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth GRANT
Place of Birth:
Place of Death:

Family 2

Spouse/Partner: Magdalin MONTEITH
Place of Birth: King George County, Virginia
Place of Death:
  Gerrard DONIPHAN Male                   
  Lucretia DONIPHAN Male                   
  Mary DONIPHAN Male                   
  Elizabeth DONIPHAN Male b. Jun 1757 d. 1812
  Rosanna DONIPHAN Male                   
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