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About the Library

Find administrative information about the Truman Library, its staff and the surrounding Independence area. Discover internship and volunteer opportunities.

For information about museum exhibits, see the Museum Exhibits page.

About the Truman Library

The Truman Library is a Presidential Library operated by the Federal government.

Presidential Libraries are administered by the National Archives and Records Administration as part of the nation's record-keeping system.


The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum is a dynamic educational resource that inspires life-long learning, spurs discussions about democracy and service, and supports local, national, and global citizenship.  The Library uses President Truman’s life and legacy to inform, inspire, educate, and engage modern audiences about his timeless wisdom and significant contributions from which the world continues to benefit.


Established in 1957, the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum preserves and provides access to President Truman’s historical materials.  Through engaging exhibits and programs, the Library aspires to reach a broad and diverse audience in a continuous effort to keep President Truman’s life and legacy alive, emphasizing his ideals of citizenship, learning, and service.