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Student Resources

We prepared this guide to help you find information on our web site that may apply to your research projects. We developed this guide based on the most requested topics from students in elementary and secondary grades.

Truman's early life Truman Family
Youth Courtship and wedding
Farming years Letters to Bess
Truman's Early Jobs Letters to Margaret
Military service Margaret Truman's biography
Wedding Bess Wallace Truman's biography
Places                                 Harry Truman's biography
Early Political Career          Truman Presidency
County Politician Staff in the Truman Administration
Senator Presidential Documents
  Truman Photos
Timelines Games and activities
Family: 1840 - 1945 Three Branches of Government
Presidency: 1945 - 1949 Spanish Language Activities
Presidency: 1949 - 1953 Truman Activity Sheets
Parallel Timeline Word Search
Post-presidency Truman Phrase
  Solve the Code
  The Spy's Dilemma