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Limits to Presidential Power

Students will analyze the boundaries of presidential power through primary sources and complete a performance task.
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Nixon and Limits of Executive Power

For students to investigate the expansion of executive powers by President Richard Nixon and the debate about the scope of executive power.
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Separation of Powers and Executive Orders using Primary Sources

Instead of teaching the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances, the students can see how the power of the President to use executive
orders have played out in three different moments in history.
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The Whistle Stop Tour, The Electoral College, and Demographics

Students will complete a set of analytical questions (on paper or electronically) while using primary and secondary map resources individually, pair-share, and then discuss as a class/group as a formative assessment or review tool over the Electoral College and demographics.
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The Iran Hostage Crisis Simulation

The student will: be able to analyze how foreign policy decisions are reached and how global events impact U.S. Presidential administrations
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Was the internment of Japanese Americans an abuse of power by FDR or an essential act to protect America?

This lesson is designed for a high school level United States History Class but can be modified for a middle level classroom as well. This lesson combines partner/group work with an individual assignment. The students will be examining both primary and secondary sources in this lesson.

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