National History Day

Greater Kansas City Virtual Contest
February 27, 2021

Results from regional contest 2/27/2021

Digital showcase of NHD-Kansas City regional entries:

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History Day resources Judging resources
Student videos from National History Day New Judges Evaluation Sheets
Topics for 2021 Communication in History New NHD Rule book
2021 Theme is Communication in History Rule changes 
Truman resources: Digital document sets | Photographs  Rule changes video
Live binder of NHD resources from Charlene Burns Judge Evaluation Sheets video
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Local student examples Links for History Day contests
Riley Sutherland from Liberty North High School's Silver medal winning performance (YouTube) National History Day:
History Day in Missouri:
Jay Mehta from Kansas City placed first in the nation with this performance (2015)  
Erin Lowe from Kansas City finished first in the state and second in the nation with this performance  
Harper Ross' Dustbowl Documentary  
Patrick Lawhon from Kansas City placed first at the National History Day Finals! View his performance  
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