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Truman meeting MacArthur

Activities & Lessons

Spy's Dilemma

Step into the shoes of a Soviet spy sent to retrieve top secret documents from Truman's White House. The Spy's Dilemma

Truman Presidential Inquiries

Take a look at ten document-based classroom units created as a collaboration between the Truman Library and Independence School District. Truman Presidential Inquiries

Lesson Plan Database

More than 390 lesson plans created by teachers are now available on the Truman Library Website. Lesson Plan Database

Truman Digital Archives

The Student Research File is currently divided into 55 topics, listed here. Each topic is focused on an event of issue from Truman's life and presidency and contains between 500 and 1500 pages of documents selected from the Truman Library's collections by its archives staff.

Popular Activities

Civics for All of US

Civics for All of US is a new national civic education initiative from the Truman Library and the National Archives that promotes civic literacy and engagement. As part of this initiative the education team at the Truman Library and educators across the National Archives will be providing teachers with programming, curricula, and exceptional field trip experiences both online and in-person.


3 Branches of Government

This series of activities allows students to gain basic information about the three branches of government by completing a series of tasks that relate to each branch.

Presidential Primary Sources Project

With the Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP), your class can engage in live, interactive discussions and use primary source documents to understand our nation’s presidents. Transport your students to places that helped shape past presidents’ lives. (January 19 - March 25, 2021)

Truman Places

Truman Places contains maps of the Greater Kansas City area listing many of the places Harry S. Truman lived, went to school, worked, met with people, ate, had fun, and invested his money.  

Advise the President Booklets

The Advise the President Series provides teachers an opportunity to bring the deliberation process surrounding these historic decisions to the classroom. Each booklet focuses on a significant topic during the administration of a specific president.

World War I and Wheat Farmers

In this featured lesson plan, students will study the impact of World War I on wheat farmers, learning how a dramatic world event can impact a small sub-set of people. View Lesson Plan.

Document Analysis Worksheets

Teach your students the process of document analysis with this Analyzing Documents tool.

Lee's Summit student art work

Promoting the reopening of the Library later this summer

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