Truman Library Teachers Conference

Theme: Presidential Character and Decision Making 

July 12-14, 2022 online via zoom

Presidential Character and Decision Making is a 3 day workshop for teachers. Teachers will learn from and interact with presenters from the following presidential museums and libraries: Truman Library, Clinton Library, Hoover Library, Carter Library, Roosevelt Library, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, George HW Bush Library, Eisenhower Library, and Johnson Library.

Presenters from ten presidential libraries will each share how their president made decisions with the Constitution in mind, how it helped them and how it hindered them.

Teaching activities will be shared throughout the week and in the virtual environment there will be a number of interactive sessions for teachers to learn from.

Presenters include:

  • Hoover Library
  • FDR Library
  • Truman Library
  • Johnson Library
  • Nixon Library
  • Carter Library
  • George H W Bush Library
  • Clinton Library
  • Andrew Jackson's Hermitage
  • Teddy Roosevelt Center

Registration is now open