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The Legacy of Sgt. Isaac Woodard, Jr.

Lesson Author
Required Time Frame
2-3 days
Grade Level(s)


  • In small groups, examine primary sources (including video of President Truman, possible Orson Wells audio, Truman library’s timeline, and book by Sgt. Isaac Wooard, Jr.’s niece, Laura M. Williams).
  • In small groups examine a timeline provided, comparing contrasting other events of the same time period
  • Watch and listen to video and audio
  • In small groups, students will formulate questions on how what they are learning is applicable to today’s issues
  • In a large group, share their point of views for a civil discourse discussion.
  • Create a “One-Pager” summative reflection.
Rationale (why are you doing this?)


To instruct students in utilizing different types of primary sources along with secondary sources and formulate their own point of view based upon factual information.


Lesson Objectives - the student will


  • Identify and analyze primary sources which are audio/visual, utilizing the National Archives website’s analysis forms in order to formulate their own well- informed point of view based upon facts, explaining how what they learned affects their own life today
  •  Examine and interpret a timeline 
  • Create a Summative Project
District, state, or national performance and knowledge standards/goals/skills met


  • SS 2. continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the United States and the world
  • SS 3. principles and processes of governance systems
  • SS 6. relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions
  • SS 7. the use of tools of social science inquiry (such as surveys, statistics, maps, documents)
Secondary materials (book, article, video documentary, etc.) needed


Document Analysis | National Archives


● Book by niece,I am Sergeant Isaac Woodard, Jr.: How my story changed America,” by Laura M. Williams.


Fully describe the activity or assignment in detail. What will both the teacher and the students do?


  • The teacher will show  the students the National Archives site and how to utilize the National Archives analysis forms.
  • The teacher will introduce the purpose/end result of this lesson