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Breaking Barriers: The Right to Fight

To introduce analysis of primary documents to sixth through eighth grade students in preparation for History Fair’s theme, “Breaking Barriers in History”
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Election Campaign Poster and Campaign Button

This assignment will provide the students with a “hands on” experience by making a poster and a campaign button in support of his/her favorite candidate
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Independence and the Opening of the West: Thomas Hart Benton

Students will examine "Independence and the Opening of the West" by Thomas Hart Benton. They will analyze its content, use visual thinking strategies and draw conclusions about the art work.
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Presidential Campaign of 1948: Using Political Cartoons

The Truman administration was no stranger to the sneers and jeers of political cartoonists. Facing such controversial issues as the desegregation of the armed forces, dropping of the atomic bomb, the cold war, the fair deal, the Republican takeover of Congress, and the 1948 presidential campaign, political and editorial cartoons were commonplace. President Truman, no matter how scathing, always professed a fondness for the cartoons and became an avid collector of them in his post-presidential years.
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Mr. Postman Deliver the Letter

Students will read and assess letters of former President Harry Truman to understand what was transpiring in his life during the time he spent in the army during World War One.
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World War I and Wheat Farmers

Students will study the impact of World War I on wheat farmers, learning how a dramatic world event can impact a small sub-set of people.
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Desegregation of the Military

This activity will give students an awareness of the types of documents that advisors consider as they advise a president. Their analysis will help them see the different viewpoints to consider.
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Civil War Turning Points

Students will understand the major turning points of the Civil War, why these turning points were important, and how many of these turning points are interconnected.
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White House First Ladies

Students will compare and contrast First Ladies
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Tweet It!: Truman's Big Decision Edition

This lesson will require students to examine the primary sources of personal letters and conduct biographical research on either President or first lady Truman. They will then use their information to determine the influence and relationship of the first lady and her presidential husband and examine her influence on the issues of the time.
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