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The Legacy of Sgt. Isaac Woodard, Jr.

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Timeline of Civil Rights through American History

Students will be able to identify a few relevant Civil Rights issues AND how the president of that era confronted/handled/resolved the issue, along with causes/effects; then students will reveal how many issues of the past affect their own lives today and explain how.

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Propaganda vs Patriotism

This exercise will enable students to understand how each individual’ personal bias could be affected by evidence presented to them, in this case, posters of WWI.
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The Lives and Legacies of our Presidents and First Ladies through a Wax Museum Presentation

Students will research and analyze the lives and legacies of a US President or US First Lady, utilizing at least three online websites and at least one written source.
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Was Truman's Decision to Drop the Bomb, To End the War in the Pacific, Justified or Not?

Students will analysis and evaluate primary documents, videos, excerpts from newspapers and books, and then in groups will create a persuasive essay supporting their point of view, including quotations from the provided sources.
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Protecting our Posterity from the Prejudices of our Past

Students will determine what facts, fictions, emotions, and/or events were involved between individuals and groups as they examine past prejudices in the cities of Pierce City, Missouri; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Little Rock, Arkansas; Wichita, Kansas.
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We Can Work It Out; or Can We?

Students will develop a deeper comprehension of the strife between Israel and the Palestinians and will be able to apply their own synthesis to their own lives through their own role-playing creation.
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The United Nations; who they are and why they have your back; or do they?

Students will do individual exploratory research, using the internet and primary documents provided, which they will utilize in the group creation of a power point presentation over at least three accomplishments/events/activities
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