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Daily Appointments of Harry S. Truman

May 06, 1945

President Harry S. Truman's appointment calendar covers the dates from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953. Please select a date within that range.

Went aboard USS POTOMAC for cruise
Returned to Blair House from cruise
(went aboard USS POTOMAC for Cruise on Potomac River)
(Went aboard USS POTOMAC for Cruise on Potomac River)
Went aboard USS POTOMAC for cruise with Mrs. Truman
Left White House with Prime Ministers Attlee and King for Arlington Cemetary and from there they went to Navy Yard and aboard USS SEQUOIA for cruise on Potomac River.
(Boarded USS WILLIAMSBURG for cruise on Potomac)
(Returned to White House from cruise)
(Left for cruise aboard USS WILLIAMSBURG)
(Ret'd Washington from cruise)
Leave for cruise aboard USS WILLIAMSBURG.
Arrived Washington from cruise on USS WILLIAMSBURG. Worked all day on radio address to be delivered Thursday evening January 3, 1946. No appointments.
[Public Papers: Message to the Congress on the State of the Union and on the Budget for 1947]
General R.E. Truman; General John A. Harris, Adjutant Gen. of Missouri. (To talk about matters pertaining to reorganization of the National Guard of the United States, and outline their plan for reunion of 35th Division of World Wars I and II to be held in Kansas City in summer of 1947 - they have appointment with Gen. Eisen- hower on this subject this afternoon, which Mr. Connelly arranged)
The President left the White House 3:35 p.m. for weeks cruise aboard USS WILLIAMSBURG, with members of White House staff.
Motored back to Quantico and resumed cruise aboard USS WILLIAMSBURG.
The President returned to White House from cruise.
[Public Papers: Message to the Congress Transmitting Corporation Supplement to the Budget for 1947]
Left with family to go aboard USS WILLIAMSBURG for a cruise on the Potomac.
Left by motor for Chestertown, Maryland where he received Degree and Addressed Graduating Class for Washington College. The President spoke at 12:10 pm and left afterward by motor to Goddington Manor, Maryland on Chester River. Went aboard Day Cruiser DOL-LAR. Cruised to Annapolis on DOL-LAR via Chester River. Took car at Annapolis to Washington.
Arrived Washington, going direct to the Navy Yard where he boarded USS WILLIAMSBURG where Mrs. Truman and family awaited him. Cruised on Potomac River over remainder of week
Returned to the White House from cruise