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Daily Appointments of Harry S. Truman

March 26, 1947

President Harry S. Truman's appointment calendar covers the dates from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953. Please select a date within that range.

The President received the Members of the Coordinating Committee of the President's Highway Safety Conference. They were: Major General Philip B. Fleming, Administrator, Federal Works Agency Thomas H. MacDonald, Commissioner, Public Roads Administration Mr. Floyd Blanchard, Chairman, Federal Inter- departmental Safety Council Mr. Burton Marsh, Executive Vice-President and personal representative of H. J. Brunnier, Pres., American Automobile Association. Mr. Sidney Williams, Assistant to the President, National Safety Council Dr. F. C. Beelman, President, Association of State and Territorial Health Officers Julien Harvey, Managing Director and personal representative of Wallace J. Falvey, Chairman, National Conservation Bureau W. Earl Hall, Chairman, National Ralph Bradford, General Manager, and personal representative of William K. Jackson, President Chamber of Commerce of the U. S. Pyke Johnson, President, Automotive Safety Foundation Otto F. Messner, President, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration Major General Willard S. Paul, U.S. Army, Director, Personnel and Administration, War Department Elliott Parker C. W. Phillips, President, American Association of State Highway Officials John R. Bosshart, Vice President and personal repre- sentative of Rex Putnam, President, National Council of Chief State School Officers. Walter R. Johnson, President, National Association of Attorneys General Fred A. Roff, immediate past President and personal representative of T. P. Sullivan, President, International Association of Chiefs of Police Duane T. Swanson, President National Association of Railroad and Utility Commissioners A. W. Bohlen, Executive Director, President's Highway Safety Conference Robie Dunman, Secretary, Federal Committee on Highway Safety and Conference Assistant Secretary