Daily Appointments of Harry S. Truman

Thursday, November 2, 1950

President Harry S. Truman's appointment calendar covers the dates from April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953. Please select a date within that range.

[Public Papers: Statement by the President on the Death of George Bernard Shaw]
[Public Papers: Message to the Governor of Puerto Rico Regarding the Recent Uprisings]
(Honorable John W. Snyder, the Secretary of the Treasury) OFF THE RECORD
Honorable George Allen Judge Ernest M. Tipton, Supreme Court of Missouri (Judge Tipton also President of Truman Library; Mr. Allen asked this be arranged while Judhe in town)
(Staff Meeting)
(Admiral William D. Leahy) OFF THE RECORD
Honorable Frederick Lawton, Director, Bureau of the Budget (One-half hour)
Honorable Charles Sawyer, the Secretary of Commerce Dr. Roy V. Peel, Director, Bureau of the Consus Mr. A. Ross Eckler, Deputy Director (The Secretary of Commerce asked if he might bring to the President the Census figure, accompanied by these Census officials)
(Honorable W. Averell Harriman) (Mr. Roland Harriman, brother of Averell Harriman) OFF THE RECORD
(Colonel Myron Blalock) OFF THE RECORD
The President presented the Harmon Trophy to the following: General James H. Doolittle - Aviator Miss Jacqueline Cochran - Aviatrix Vice Admiral C.E. Rosendahl - Balloonist (lighter than air) Following award the President presented five Citations of Honorable Mention to the following: Captain Charles Yeager (in person) M. Charles Dollfus (French Ambassador received) Geoffrey de Havilland (Posthumous - accepted by Air Chief Marshall Sir Geo. C. Pirie, Hd. of British Air Force Staff) Miss Pauline Gower (Posthumous - accepted by Sir George Pirie) Lt. Howard R. Walton (Posthumous - accepted by Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Walton, his parents) The following guests were present: Aldrin, Edwin E.~Arlen, Margaret Bonnet, Henri~Brosnahan, Mary V. Bode, Frederick W.~Cochran, Jacqueline Combier, P. Hodges & Mrs.~Doolittle, Mr. & Mrs. James H. Dobben, George B.~de Seversky, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander P. Egger, Frank L.~Enyart, William Fagen, James~Finletter, Thomas K. Griffiths, Charles H.~Kerwood, Charles W. MacCracken, William P.~Matthews, Francis P. Odlum, Floyd B.~Pirie George, Sir Philpott, Montague G.~Rosendahl, Charles E. & Mrs. Spaatz, Carl~Schramek, Charles E & Mrs. Towers, John H.~Trickey, Mrs. Maurice Vandenberg, Hoyt S.~Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Yeager, Charles~Anderson, Major Millicent
Honorable Dean Acheson, the Secretary of State (Usual Thursday appointment) (Honorable Walter Gifford, American Ambassador to Great Britain) OFF THE RECORD
(National Security Council) OFF THE RECORD
Press and Radio Conference [Public Papers]
(Honorable Clark Clifford) OFF THE RECORD
(The President and Mrs. Truman left for British Embassy where they attended Dinner for Rt. Honorable Anthony Eden, M.P.)