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The Truman Library has approximately 500 interviews supplementing the written record of Harry S. Truman's life and times. The interviews are available in transcript form and range in length from fewer than 10 to over 1,000 pages, with most being between 20 and 200 pages. Most of the interviews include a name and subject index attached to the transcript. There is a cumulative index for the entire oral history collection available in the research room at the Library.

The list below gives the name of the person interviewed, his or her principal positions, and the number of pages in the transcript. This list does not include information about specific copyright or donor restrictions. This information is included with the individual interview transcripts. Interviews that were conducted by an oral history program other than the Library's are properly accredited. Interviews with friends, neighbors, and personal associates of Harry S. Truman have been conducted by the National Park Service, and transcripts can be found on their website.

  • RANDALL, WILLIAM J. Member, U.S. House of Representatives, Fourth District of Missouri, 1959-77. Also an interview conducted by the William Jewell College Oral History Project, 26 pages.

  • RAUH, JOSEPH L., JR. U.S. Army officer on Gen. Douglas MacArthur's staff, 1942-45; officer of the Americans for Democratic Action, 1947-57. 102 pages.

  • REIFF, HENRY. Legal specialist in international organization, Department of State, 1944-46. 88 pages.

  • REINHARDT, G. FREDERICK. U.S. consul general, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 1947; Chief, Division of Eastern European Affairs, 1948-50, and Director, Office of Eastern European Affairs, 1950, Department of State; Counselor, U.S. Embassy in Paris, France, 1951-55. 28 pages.

  • REINSCH, J. LEONARD. White House radio adviser, 1945-52. 147 pages.

  • REISTER, PHILIP D. Truman Family Physician, 1955-1970. 15 pages.

  • RENFROW, LOUIS H. Assistant Military Aide to the President, 1947-49; Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1949-50; Deputy Director of Selective Service, 1950-57. 158 pages.

  • RICE, MRS. STUART A. Wife of Stuart A. Rice, Assistant Director for Statistical Standards, Bureau of the Budget, 1940-55. 167 pages.

  • RICKETTS, FLOYD T. Member, Battery D, 129th Field Artillery during World War I. 35 pages.

  • RIDDLEBERGER, JAMES W. Chief, Division of Central European Affairs, Department of State, 1944-47; Counselor, U.S. Embassy, and Chief, Political Section, American Military Government, Berlin, Germany, 1947-50; political adviser to the Economic Cooperation Administration, Paris, France, 1950-52; Director, Bureau of German Affairs, Department of State, 1952-53. Two interviews, 222 pages.

  • RIGDON, WILLIAM M. Assistant Naval Aide to the President, 1942-53. 65 pages.

  • RIGGS, ROBERT L. Chief, Washington D.C. bureau, Louisville Courier-Journal, 1942-67. 50 pages.

  • RILEY, RUSSELL L. Assistant Chief, Division of Libraries and Institutes, Department of State, 1949-50; Director of Personnel, Economic Stabilization Agency, 1951; Deputy Director, Office of Educational Exchange, Department of State, 1951-52; Assistant Administrator, International Information Administration, 1952-53; Director, International Educational Exchange Service, Department of State, 1953-58. 94 pages.

  • RINGLAND, ARTHUR. Executive Director, Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, 1946-52. 73 pages.

  • RINGWALT, ARTHUR R. Chief, Division of Chinese Affairs, Department of State, 1946-48; First Secretary, U.S. Embassy in London, United Kingdom, 1949-57. 41 pages.

  • ROACH, NEALE. Assistant director, Democratic National Convention, 1944; manager of the 1948, 1952, and 1956 Democratic National Conventions. 102 pages.

  • ROBERTSON OF OAKRIDGE, GENERAL LORD. United Kingdom Deputy Military Governor, 1945-48 and Commander in Chief and Military Governor, 1948-49, Germany; United Kingdom High Commissioner, Allied High Commission, Germany, 1949-50. 21 pages.

  • ROBINSON, HAROLD G. Chief Investigator, Special Committee of the Senate to Investigate the National Defense Program (Truman Committee), 1941-45. 134 pages.

  • ROCKWELL, STUART W. Second Secretary and consul, U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, 1946-48; Officer in Charge, Palestine-Israel-Jordan Affairs, Department of State, 1948-50; political adviser to the Secretary of the Air Force, 1950-52; First Secretary and consul, U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain, 1952-53. 34 pages.

  • ROLL, SIR ERIC. Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Food, United Kingdom, 1946-47; Under Secretary, Ministry of the Treasury, United Kingdom, 1948; Minister, United Kingdom delegation, Organization for European Economic Cooperation, 1949. 28 pages.

  • ROSENFIELD, HARRY N. Commissioner, Displaced Persons Commission, 1948-52. 135 pages.

  • ROSENMAN, SAMUEL I. Special Counsel to the President, 1945-46. 109 pages.

  • ROUNTREE, WILLIAM M. Staff officer on the Angl