Huntington, Albert H., Jr. Papers


Official, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-1951; Mutual Security Agency, 1951-1953

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SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Agency for International Development (AID)

Box 1

  • The AID Program, 1964
  • Brief chronological history of AID
  • Correspondence with the Harry S. Truman Library, 1979-81
  • Marshall Plan: War on Hunger, June 1977
  • Project Commitments - FY 1955-1970
  • Status of Development Loans, June 30, 1971
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Articles
  • "Marshall Plan Speech anniversary", Front Lines, 1977
  • "Origins of the Cold War" by George H. Questers, Political Science Quarterly, Winter 1978-79
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Books
  • Jonathan Bingham, Shirt-Sleeve Diplomacy - Point 4 in Action, 1953 (selected pages)
  • John Gimbel, The Origins of the Marshall Plan, 1976
  • Robert Murphy, Diplomat Among Warriors, 1964 (selected pages)
  • Nickolai Sivachev, Russia and the United States, 1979 (selected pages)
  • Margaret Truman, Harry S. Truman, 1973 (selected pages)
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA)
  • Charts and graphs
  • Economic Aid to China under the China Aid Act of 1948 - report, February 1949
  • ECA Technical Assistance Program, May 31, 1950
  • Telephone directory, ECA, Washington, D.C., May 1950
  • First report for the Public Advisory Board, July 16, 1948

Box 2

  • First report for the Public Advisory Committee on the China Program, September 29, 1948
  • Industrial projects - 1950
  • Korean program - February 28, 1950 and "Agriculture in Western Europe: July 31, 1952"
  • Logos
  • "The Marshall Plan - A potpouri of charts and other graphic art" - April 3, 1948 - June 30, 1949
  • "The Marshall Plan: A Program of International Cooperation" - 1950
  • Monthly reports - 1951 (1. program to assist small businesses; 2. current developments in ocean transportation; 3. coal for Europe)
  • Photographs of George C. Marshall, Paul E. Hoffman et al.
  • Press release, December 30, 1951
  • Public Advisory Board - reports, 1948 and 1952, Republic of China
  • Public Advisory Board - report on Korea and ECA Far Eastern Program in Mid-1950
  • A "Report on Recovery Progress and United States Aid," February 1949 (3 folders)
  • "Three Years of the Marshall Plan," 1951
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Foreign Operations Administration (FOA)

Box 3

  • Background of Collective Security - A chronology of cooperation in Western Europe, 1944-54 - report June 1954
  • Foreign Relief Program, Department of State - report September 30, 1947
  • Foreign Relief Program, Department of State - Second report to Congress on Foreign Relief Program, December 31, 1977
  • Huntington, Albert H., Jr. Biographic Register - 1978 edition
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: International Cooperation Administration (ICA)
  • Operations report, June 30, 1957
  • Operations report, June 30, 1958
  • Response to questions compiled by the House Foreign Affairs Committee - March 12, 1958
  • United States External Assistance obligations and other Commitments, July 1, 1945 - June 30, 1959
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Mutual Security Program (MSP)
  • Congressional Presentation Documents, U.S. Defense Supports in Western Europe, March 1952
  • Monthly report of MSA - June 30, 1952
  • Public Advisory Board, "Coal for Europe" 1952
  • U.S. Technical and Economic Assistance in the Far East
  • First Report to Congress, December 1951
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • The OECD Observer, June 1967, "Marshall Plan, 20th Anniversary"
  • Point Four Program - "Opportunities for All"
  • Poland, U.S. loans and grants to FY 1946-1979
  • Truman Doctrine - Vandenberg on Republican support for - Correspondence with Harry S. Truman Library, October 15, 1980
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Economic Cooperation Administration

Box 4

  • Appropriation - miscellaneous articles re
  • Articles on Marshall Plan
  • Chart of Economic Cooperation Administration Headquarters
  • Commodity classification - report, May 4, 1948
  • Commodity classification - 2nd edition
  • European operations, March 1951
  • First Report to the Congress - June 30, 1948
  • "The Marshall Plan Epoch in American Public Administration" by Kenneth F. Smith
  • Public Advisory Board, "Production in Participating Countries," January 31, 1951
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Mutual Security Agency
  • The European Coal and Steel Community (The Schuman Plan)
  • Technical Assistance in the Far East, 1953
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Foreign Operations Administration

Box 5

  • "Materials Development and Allied Programs" and "Technical Cooperation Programs," 1953
  • Military Assistance Program 1953
  • The Technical Cooperation Program and Materials Development and Allied Programs, 1955
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: International Cooperation Administration
  • Post World War II Foreign Aid Legislation - March 1961
  • Problems of Foreign Aid, 1958-1961
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Agency for International Development
  • Congressional presentation FY 1979 - annex A (2 folders)
  • Editorial research reports - Jeanne Kuebler, "Foreign Aid Overall"
  • "Foreign Aid: Controversy and Results" by Frank Coffin
  • Presidential quotes re foreign aid - Truman to Ford
  • Reports - United States Economic Assistance Programs, food and agricultural production in less developed countries, 1950-1970
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Articles about Foreign Aid Programs
  • Bingham, Jonathan, Shirt Sleeve Democracy
  • Clifford, Clark M., interview in the Christian Science Monitor and an article by Grace M. Howes, "The Marshall Plan for China: ECA 1948-1949"
  • Economist, The - selected articles from and an article in the Washington Post re aid to Latin America
  • Editorials in the Baltimore Sun and the Christian Science Monitor
  • Harriman, W. Averell, New York Times article, "If the Reagan Pattern continues, American may face Nuclear War," January 5, 1984
  • Hays, Samuel P., "The Beginning of American Aid to Southweat Asia: The Griffin Mission of 1950"
  • Karnow, Stanley, "Marshall Plan Retrospective," Washington Times, May 27, 1983 and Smith Hemstone, "With Spain Entering NATO," Washington Times, June 4, 1982
  • Langsam, Walter C., "The World and Warren's Cartoons" (selected pages)
  • Logue, Ruth, "History of the United States Aid since World War II"
  • Wexler, Imanuel, "The Marshall Plan Revisited" and F. Roy Willis, "Europe in the Global Age: 1939 to the Present"

Box 6

  • Excerpts from Foreign Aid and American Foreign Policy by David A. Baldwin
  • "Monthly Report of the Mutural Security Agency - Data as of June 30, 1952"
  • Oil Strategy and Politics 1941-1981" by Walter J. Levy
  • "War on Hunger - A Report from the Agency on International Development"
  • Keenan, Joseph D., death of
  • "How the New World Saved the Old," by Robert LeKachman
  • "The Marshall Plan - U.S. Economic Assistance Under the European Recovery Program, April 3, 1948-June 30, 1952"
  • Excerpts from The Third World Today by Richard Worth
  • "Time Bomb or Myth: The Population Problem," by Robert S. McNamara
  • Murphy, John E., Jr., death of
  • Excerpts from "Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations - House of Representatives," 93rd Congress - Deal with Foreign Assistance for 1974
  • The Aid Story, Agency for International Development
  • Agency for International Development - Introduction to the FY 1974 Development Program Presentation to Congress
  • Congressional Digest, August-September 1984, Controversy over NATO Cost-Sharing
  • "Monthly Report for the Public Advisory Board - Data as of December 31, 1951:
  • Marshall Plan Table
  • "Should the U.S. Stay in NATO?"

Box 7

  • Lodge, Henry Cabot, death of
  • A "Primer on P.L.480--Program History, Description, and Operations: A Brief Compilation of Explanatory Documents"
  • Jenner, William E., death of
  • "Card Catalogue to be Filed Away," article on computerization of the Library of Congress
  • Shishkin, Boris, death of
  • Marshall Plan "PLANNERS"
  • "Current Economic Development in Western Europe" from the MSA
  • Excerpts from "Power in Washington" by Douglass Cater
  • McCloy, John J., Washington Post (4/3/85) article on
  • Excerpts from "The Making of United States Foreign Policy" by Burton M. Sapin
  • "The Myth of People's Ignorance," by Andreas Fuglesang
  • Excerpts from U.S. Foreign Aid--An Assessment of New and Traditional Development Strategies
  • "A Major International Dimension for U.S. Colleges of Agriculture - An Imperative," a speech by Dr. E.T. York
  • Excerpts from The Pelican History of the World by J.M. Roberts
  • "An Overview of U.S. Foreign Aid Programs," by Stanley J. Heginbotham
  • U.S. Economic Assistance to German
  • "A, as in Missouri," by Calvin Trillin
  • Excerpt "The European Payments Union" in the Public Advisory Board Report
  • Excerpts from "The Marshall Plan and Its Meaning"
  • "MSA--The European Coal and Steel Community (the Schuman Plan)"
  • "The Perversion of Foreign Aid," by Nick Eberstadt
  • Shooting script and soundtrack script on the U.S. Operations Mission to Israel by Shabtai Tavet
  • "Acts of Statesmanship" by Martin J. Sherwin (A Review of The Marshall Plan: The Launching of the Pax Americana)
  • Excerpts from "No Need for Hunger" by Robert R. Spitzer
  • Excerpts from "War on Hunger," articles on Point IV
  • "War on Hunger," June 1977, issue on the Marshall Plan
  • Excerpts from "War on Hunger," an article on the five years after the 1967 PSAC report on world food problems
  • Trend of A.I.D. and Predecessor Agency Expeditions For Commodities by Sources of Purchase--U.S. and Offshore, April 3, 1948-June 30, 1972
  • Excerpts from Twenty-five Years of Development Cooperation--A Review
  • "S.D.I. and European Security: Does Dependency Assure Security?"
  • "U.S. External Assistance; Obligation and Other Committments, July 1, 1945 through June 30, 1959"
SUBJECT FILE, 1948-1980: Articles about Foreign Economic Policies

Box 8

  • Report of the United States Presidential Agricultural Task Force to Zaire, February 1985
  • 40th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan (2 folders)
  • 36th Anniversary of the Invasion of South Korea
  • "A Reply to Appointments of Foreign Aid" by David E. Bell
  • "The Great Foreign Policy Fight" by Gregg Herken
  • "Multipolarity in World Politics: The Challenge" by Norman Graebner
  • 750th Anniversary of the Founding of Berlin
  • Obituary of Congressman Otto Passman, Chairman, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, 1955-1977
  • American Heritage Illustrated History of the United States, Vol. 16, "Decades of the Cold War," Chapter 46, "Rebuilding a World in Ruins"
  • Book Review on the Bingham Family of Louisville, Kentucky, The Washington Post, February 9, 1989
  • Obituary of Sir William Stephenson, British Intelligence Agent, The Washington Post, February 3, 1989
  • Agency for International Development, Horizons, Spring 1987
  • The Washington Post, January 23, 1989, "JKF-Soviet Mail to Stay Sealed" [in re Cuban Missile Crisis]
  • 40th Anniversary of the Point Four Inauguration Speech, Front Lines, Agency for International Development
  • Address by Frank M. Coffin, "AID--A World View," March 31, 1988
  • Interview article with Eleanor Lansing Dulles, The Washington Post, November 28, 1988
  • "NATO and Warsaw Pact Forces: Conventional War in Europe," The Defense Monitor, Center for Defense Information, Washington, D.C., Vol. XVII, No. 3, 1988.
  • "Japan: The View from Mansfield," The Washington Post, January 16, 1989
  • "Food and Total Agricultural Production in the Less Developed Countries, 1950-1975"
  • The Economist (London), The Marshall Plan and NATO, September 1988
  • "The Economic Development of Jordan," published by the Johns Hopkins University for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1947
  • The Washington Times, "Old Timers Recall '48," November 1988
  • Chart, "U.S. Economic Assistance as a Percentage of GNP Gross Obligations and Loan Authorization Basis"
  • Foreign Service Journal, July-August 1988, "Future Dividends" by Theodore R. D'Anges
  • Front Lines, The Agency for International Development, "U.S. Foreign Assistance Program" A Career in Foreign Affairs, Chris Russell," by Jim Pinkelman
  • The Wall Street Journal, October 6, 1988, "Moscow Innovations Have Shallow Roots" by Karen Elliot House
  • German Foundation for International Development, "Should Aid be Abandoned?" by Volkmar Kohler
  • "The Marshall Plan, Secretary of State George C. Marshall's Address at the Commencement Exercises of Harvard University, June 5, 1947"
  • Articles in re Harold "Kim" Philby, British spy, The Washington Times, May 18, 1988, "Unmourned Master Betrayer," by Smith Hempstone; "Pumpkin Papers Site Now Officiall Historic" by Bell Gertz; The Washington Post, May 15, 1988, "The Real Perfect Spy" by David Ignatius; and Fairfax (Virginia) Journal, "The Spy Who Wouldn't Come In From the Cold" by Marcus Ellison and obituary of H.A.R. "Kim" Philby by Richard Pearson, The Washington Post, May 12, 1988.
  • Front Lines, The Agency for International Development, March 1988 [in re Latin America]
  • Perspectives on Ecnomic Development, edited by Russell Short, Jr., Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1978

Box 9

  • Obituary of Henry R. Labouisse (Chief of ECA Mission to France), The Washington Post, March 27, 1987
  • Foreign Service Journal, November 1986, "Fulbright at Forty" by Michael G. Stevens and Ronald A. Ungaro
  • Front Lines, The Agency for International Development, December 1986, 25th Anniversary I