Price, Harry B. Papers

Dates: 1952-1970; Bulk Date Span: 1952-1953


The papers of Harry B. Price consist of interview notes Price used in connection with the preparation of his book, The Marshall Plan and Its Meaning (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1955), published under the auspices of the Governmental Affairs Institute, Washington D.C.

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Born, Chekiang Province, China



M.A., Yale University; Professor, Yenching University in Beijing



Executive Director, Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese Aggression



Deputy Director, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), Shanghai, China


  The Marshall Plan and Its Meaning published



United Nations Representative to Nepal


  A Manual for Field Workers by Harry B. Price, Dr. James Y.C. Yen, and Greg Feliciano published



Professor, Maryville College, Tennessee; Chairman of the Department of Economics and Business

2000 (November)


Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico

2002 (April 4)


Died, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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The papers of Harry B. Price consist of notes from oral history interviews conducted by Price as research for his book, The Marshall Plan and Its Meaning (1955). The interview notes are arranged chronologically. For each interview, Price usually indicated with whom, when, and where the interview was conducted, and (when relevant) who was present at the interview. Also, Price typically included a brief synopsis of what each interview primarily covered.

Price interviewed a large number of people significant in the Marshall Plan and its implementation in Europe. Price’s notes primarily focus on the Marshall Plan and European recovery: the purposes, preparations, and means of United States intervention and aid; shifts in national economic policies, programs, and institutions during that period; and individual experiences and roles in the development and implementation of the Marshall Plan.

Interviewees include, but are not limited to: Karl Albrecht, Chief, Economic Division, Marshall Plan Ministry, West Germany; George Allen, U. S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia; Eric Berthoud, British Ambassador to Denmark; Heyder Bey, Director, Turkish Recovery Program; Franz Bluecher, Vice-Chancellor, West Germany; Walton Butterworth, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden; Gen. Lucius D. Clay, Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Forces in Europe, 1947-1949; William C. Foster, Under Secretary of Commerce; Hugh Gaitskell, Chancellor of the Exchequer, U.K.; Dag Hammarskjöld, Minister of State, Sweden; George F. Kennan, Director, Policy Planning Staff, State Department; George McGhee, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey; Gen. George C. Marshall, Secretary of State; Harold Stein, Head, Washington Office, Committee for the Marshall Plan; and Francis Wilcox, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The interviews were conducted from August 1952 to June 1953.

Also included in the collection is a copy of Harry B. Price’s November 26, 1952 letter to Dr. Edward Litchfield, President of the Governmental Affairs Institute. The letter details Price’s observations from his interviews regarding the Marshall Plan and its implementation. Included with the letter are some of Price’s initial interview notes from the Economic Cooperation Administration History Project. Filed at the beginning of the collection is an alphabetical list of the interviewees and another list of interviewees arranged by nationality.

Selected documents, photographs, and oral histories from the Truman Library relating to the Marshall Plan are available on the Library’s website.

The Truman Library has the papers of a number of persons who were interviewed for Price’s book, including George V. Allen, Joseph D. Coppock, Thomas K. Finletter, Paul G. Hoffman, Edgar A. J. Johnson, George McGhee, Paul R. Porter, Edward A. Tenenbaum, and Francis O. Wilcox.

The Truman Library also has its own oral history interviews with a number of Price’s interviewees including Leland Barrows, Richard. M. Bissell, Jr., Walton Butterworth, Lucius D. Clay, Lincoln Gordon, Jean Charles Snoy, and Dirk U. Stikker.

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Container Nos.




  ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW FILE, 1952-1970 (Bulk Date Span, 1952-1953)
Research notes used by Price in preparing The Marshall Plan and Its Meaning (1955), compiled from various oral history interviews conducted with individuals who made significant contributions to the Marshall Plan. The notes are arranged in chronological order, and are preceded by finding aids for the collection and a letter from Price to Edward H. Litchfield.
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ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEW FILE, 1952-1970 (Bulk Date Span, 1952-1953)

Box 1

  • Finding Aids
  • Letter from Harry B. Price to Dr. Edward H. Litchfield, November 26, 1952
  • August – October, 1952
    • August 6: Sam Board
      August 7: Harold Stein
      August 8: Francis Wilcox and Thorsten Kalijarvi
      August 12: Boyd Crawford
      August 20: Glenn Craig
      August 20: Elmer N. Holmgreen
      August 20: David Gordon
      August 22: George Knustson
      August 24: Peter Odegard, Edward H. Litchfield and Harvey Mansfield
      August 24: Donald Stone
      September 16: Harlan Cleveland and Theodore Geiger
      September 16: Harlan Cleveland
      September 16: D.A. Fitzgerald
      September 18: John Kenny
      September 19: Richard M. Bissell, Jr.
      September 27: Harlan Cleveland
      October 1: Averell Harriman
      October 8: Lincoln Gordon
      October 10: Richard M. Bissel, Jr.
      October 10: Sam van Hyning
      October 15: Warren Baum and John Hulley
      October 25: Harlan Cleveland
      October 28: William Blaisdell
      October 28: Ernest Sturk and Charles A. Merwin
      October 29: Richard G. Birnberg
      October 29: Alden Boyd
      October 29: William Salant
      October 29: Donald Stone
      October 30: George C. Marshall
  • November 1 – November 10, 1952
    • November 1: Robert Blum
      November 1: Joseph Slater and Eric Oulashin
      November 1: Lane Timmons
      November 3: Oscar B. Bransky
      November 3: George Clemens and Addison Foster
      November 3: Ethel Dietrich
      November 3: Hubert Havlik
      November 3: Joseph F. Heath and James Toughill
      November 3: Lawrence H. Norton
      November 4: Paul Porter
      November 5: Robert Buron
      November 5: Thierry de Clermont-Tonnere
      November 5: George Elgozy
      November 5: M. Hirsch
      November 5: Donald J. McGrew
      November 5: Robert J. Meyers
      November 6: Raymond Aron
      November 6: Irving Swerdlow
      November 6: Lane Timmons
      November 7: Jack Benz
      November 7: Lamar King
      November 7: Alec Ward
      November 10: R.W.B. Clark
      November 10: Leslie Rowa 
  • November 11 – November 20, 1952
    • November 11: Edwin R. Dibrell
      November 11: Frank Figures and Donald McDougal
      November 11: Denny Marris
      November 11: William Robson
      November 11: Dirk Stikker
      November 11: William Strath
      November 12: Wynn Brown
      November 12: Hugh Gaitskell
      November 12: Robert L. Hall
      November 12: David Linebaugh
      November 13: William M. Tomlinson
      November 13: Oliver Wormser
      November 14: Alice Bourneuf
      November 14: Paul A. Jenkins
      November 14: Robert Marjolin
      November 15: Robert Buron
      November 15: Sacha Gueronik
      November 15: Harry Labouisse and Lane Timmons
      November 15: Paul Porter
      November 16: Everett Bellows
      November 17: Frank Dennis
      November 17: Russell H. Dorr
      November 17: Harry Fite
      November 17: Robert Marjolin
      November 17: Henry Tasca
      November 18: J. F. Cahan
      November 18: Attilio Cattani
      November 18: Prince Colona
      November 18: Donald Mallet
      November 18: Ellis Reese
      November 18: Eric Roll
      November 18: Arne Skaug
      November 19: Louis Camu
      November 19: E. Delville
      November 19: Hadelin de Meeus
      November 19: Hugh Millard
      November 19: Roger Albert Ockrent
      November 19: Baron Charles J. Snoy
      November 20: Huntington Gilchrist and Homer S. Fo 
  • November 21 – November 30, 1952
    • November 21: Richard P. Aiken
      November 21: Dr. Van Beugel
      November 21: H. M. Hirschfeld
      November 21: Mr. van Leeuwen
      November 22: Eric Berthoud
      November 22: Selden Chapin and William C. Trimble
      November 22: S. L. Mansholdt
      November 22: J. Tinbergen
      November 24: P. A. Blaisse
      November 24: J. R. M. van den Brink
      November 25: Eivind Erichsen
      November 25: Kanut Getzwold
      November 25: Dagfin Juel
      November 25: Lloyd K. Larsen
      November 25: Eugene Martinsen
      November 25: Emmett Wallace
      November 26: Jens Mogens Boyesen (International Who’s Who says should be Boyersen)
      November 26: Lars Evensen, Halvard Roald, and Byrasjef Danielsen
      November 26: Sjur Lindebraekke
      November 26: Aage Ove
      November 26 & 27: Erik Brofoss
      November 27: Ware Adams
      November 27: Walton Butterworth
      November 28: Walter Amen
      November 28: Dag Hammarskjold
      November 28: H. Pyk
      November 28: Eric Virgin
      November 30: William Hardy
  • December 1 – December 10, 1952
    • December 1: S. Hartogsohn
      December 1: C. Johansen, H.J. Kristensen, and Eric Hjelmar
      December 1: Charles A. Marhsall
      December 1: O. Muller and H. O. Christiansen
      December 1: Jergen Paldam
      December 2: Mr. Carstens
      December 2: Dinner and evening discussion with Michael Harris, Dr. Hertz, Mr. Brandes, Herbert H. Higgins, Francis L. Mayer, Mr. FitzWilliam, and Alden Boyd
      December 3: Dr. Albrecht, Herr Dumke, Dr. Muziol, Dr. Seid, Dr. Schmitt, Dr. Breckner, Dr. Giel, and Dr. Harkort
      December 3: Franz Blücher
      December 3: E. J. Epstine
      December 3: Meeting and luncheon with members of MSA staff, Bonn, West Germany
      December 3: Carl R. Mahder
      December 3: Harry C. Thomas
      December 4: F. M. Bianco
      December 4: Hans Buettner
      December 4: Herr Schroedter
      December 5: Carl Bode
      December 6: Walter T. Buhl and Dan S. Sinkle
      December 6: Gunther H. Froebel and Egon G. Rothblum
      December 6: Herman E. Hendricks
      December 6: Daniel M. Madden
      December 6: Gardner E. Palmer and John T. Craig
      December 6: Stephen V.N. Powelson
      December 6: Ben H. Thibodeaux
      December 8: Dr. Bauer
      December 8: Dr. Bollar
      December 8: Wilhelm Taucher
      December 9: Carl Ausch and Dr. Kiencl
      December 9: Einar Edwards
      December 9: Dr. Langer-Hansel
      December 10: Heyder Bey
      December 10: Clifton H. Day
      December 10: L