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Democratic National Committee Records

Dates: 1940-1963; Bulk Date Span: 1944-1956

The Records of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) include materials created or accumulated by officials of the DNC. The collection includes newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, handwritten notes, legal documents, financial records, speeches, transcripts of proceedings, and other printed material. The majority of the collection is comprised of articles and clippings related to the DNC.

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Size: 97 linear feet, 7 linear inches.
Access: Open.
Copyright: No donation of copyright was received with this collection. Copyright interest in documents presumably belongs to the creators of those documents, or their heirs.
Processed by: Erwin Mueller (1966); Sharie Simon, Amy Crossley, and Jim Armistead (2011).

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the principal governing body of the Democratic Party. The DNC supports the Democratic Party's candidates for public office, and oversees the preparation of the Party's platform and the holding of its national convention every four years.

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The Records of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) contain materials relating to the operations of the DNC, mostly dating from 1944 to 1956. There are three series in the collection. Of the 223 boxes in the DNC Records, the first 194 comprise the first series, the Library Clippings Files, which mostly concern the affairs of the Democratic Party and national and international affairs during the late 1940s and early 1950s. This series includes a large amount of information on Harry S. Truman, and smaller amounts of information on Thomas E. Dewey, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Guy G. Gabrielson, Douglas MacArthur, Joseph R. McCarthy, J. Howard McGrath, Frank E. McKinney, William O'Dwyer, Harold E. Stassen, Adlai E. Stevenson, and Robert A. Taft. It also includes sections on the Democratic Party, foreign affairs, and state politics. (The alphabetically-arranged folders for the states of Alabama through Oklahoma were missing from this series when the records were accessioned by the Harry S. Truman Library).

Included in the Library Clippings Files are magazine and newspaper articles as well as other printed materials relating to a wide range of domestic and international topics. There are articles and clippings from several major publications, such as Life magazine and the New York Times. The series contains information on the campaigns and political activities of such figures as Truman, Dewey, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Stevenson, and Taft. Other clippings toward the end of the series relate to some of the major political issues of the Truman administration, such as the American Medical Association and health policy, the European Recovery Program, price controls, Japan, and Korea.

The next 22 boxes in the collection comprise the second series, the General Files. The General Files contain correspondence and printed materials concerning appointments to government jobs, records of contributions and contributors from the 1944 Presidential campaign, and information concerning the use of publicity and the media in campaigns. Included in this series are two letters signed by Congressman (later President) John F. Kennedy, as well as documentation of Senator (later President) Lyndon B. Johnson's use of various radio stations in Texas to promote himself. Also included is a series of eleven "Files of the Facts" which attempt to show the advantages of the Democratic Party. One note from a contributor includes a reference to President Franklin D. Roosevelt's dog Fala.

The last seven boxes make up the third series, the Proceedings Files. This series is composed of material photocopied from original records at the John F. Kennedy Library. It contains transcripts of proceedings of Democratic National Conventions and Convention-related committees, and transcripts of meetings of the DNC and its subordinate and related organizations, such as the Executive Committee and the Credentials Committee. Included is information concerning the resignation of DNC Chairman William Boyle and Democratic Party activities before and after various elections.

The Truman Library also has the papers of DNC Chairmen William Boyle and Stephen Mitchell, and DNC Vice Chairman India Edwards.

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Container Nos.




Magazine and newspaper articles as well as other printed material which relate to a wide range of both domestic and international topics. Arranged alphabetically.


  GENERAL FILES, 1940-1952
Documents relating to appointments, speeches, press releases, donation records as well as other printed material affiliated with the Democratic National Committee. Arranged alphabetically within each sub-series.


Material which was transferred to the Harry S. Truman Library from the John F. Kennedy Library which relates to the proceedings and meetings of the Democratic National Committee. Arranged alphabetically.
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Box 1

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Appreciations

  • Truman Record--Francis De Sales Ryan
  • Economic Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Exponent of Fair Play--His Mother
  • "He Doesn't Duck Issues" --Editorial--Washington Post
  • "Average American" --Ken G. Crawford--New York Post
  • As a Man of Principles--Irving S. Brant
  • As a Man of Integrity--Senator Carl Hatch
  • "He's Got What it Takes" --Unknown Neighbor--New York Times
  • "His Confident Optimism" --Editorial--New York Times
  • "No Wonderman, Plain American" --Westbrook Pegler
  • "Shy, but Not Afraid" --Roy Roberts--Kansas City Star
  • "Son of the Soil" --Edward R. Shauffler
  • "Strong, Very Clever Man" --Pope Pius XII
  • "Truman's 1st Year in the White House" --Address--Clara DeVittis
  • His Economic and Peace Leadership--Source Record File
  • His Spiritual and Religious Strains--Source Record File
  • Appreciation of Truman Committee--Diary of Democracy--H. L. Toulmin
  • Truman Story by Francis De Sales Ryan

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Biographical Data - General

  • Truman Source Record File
  • Truman's Complete Biography
  • P.M. Articles on Truman (December 1945)
  • Health--July 1946
  • 63rd Birthday--May 8, 1947
  • 64th Birthday--May 8, 1948
  • 65th Birthday--May 8, 1949
  • 67th Birthday--May 8, 1951
  • Threats Against Truman's Life
  • Truman--Best Man at Clark Wedding, October 6, 1945
  • Story of Truman--Comic Book Form--1948 Campaign
  • Human Interest Stories--Indian Burial
  • Hobbies
  • Truman--Gifts
  • County Judge
  • U.S. Senator
  • Voting Record
  • Truman Investigating Committee

Box 2

  • Businessman in Kansas City
  • Small Businessman--Sylvia Porter in New York Post, March 16, 1949
  • Received 33rd Degree in Masons
  • Membership in Organizations--Joins American Veterans Committee
  • Farmer
  • Piano Player
  • Soldier
  • 35th Division Reunion--June 28, 1947
  • Intimate Facts--Hobbies
  • Anecdotes
  • Trumanisms
  • Family--J.V. Truman (Brother)
  • Family--Martha Truman (Mother)
  • Relatives of the Truman Family
  • Hometown--Appropriations for A.F.B. (October 1951)
  • Non-Union Painter "Incident"
  • Criticism of Fast Driving, July 1945
  • White House Automobiles
  • Plane
  • Railroad Car
  • Yacht
  • Dog
  • Books on Truman and His Administration
  • Appointments--Nominations
  • White House Balcony
  • White House, Moves Into Newly Redecorated
  • Secret Service Guard
  • Salary (Jonathan Daniel's Article)
  • Truman Quotes
  • Truman Museum Suggested for Missouri
  • Truman--Pioneer American Stock
  • Truman, the Man
  • Truman--Human Interest Stories
  • "Meet Harry S. Truman--Eaton and Hart Biography
  • Chicago Sun Times Series--February 1949
  • Truman's Home Town

Box 3

  • Surprise Visit to the Senate
  • "Hard Rock Club" --Time Magazine--Newspaper Clippings

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Honorary Degrees

  • William Jewell College, May 20, 1946
  • University of Kansas, June 29, 1947
  • Fordham University, May 11, 1946
  • Princeton University, June 16, 1947
  • Baylor University, Waco, Texas, March 4, 1947
  • Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, March 8, 1949
  • University of Missouri, June 9, 1950

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Letters

  • General
  • To Congressman Gordon L. McDonough Concerning Marine Corps, September 1950
  • "Dog Catcher" Incident with John L. Lewis, October 6, 1950
  • To Music Critic on Margaret Truman's Singing, December 8, 1950
  • To Congressman Edward Hebert Concerning Day of Prayer Proclamation, December 1950
  • The Executive Papers
  • "President's Team" --U.S. News and World Report, May 12, 1950

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Magazine Articles

  • Mr. President by William Hillman
  • The Man of Independence by Jonathan Daniels
  • Organizational Notees--Truman--Magazine Feature Article
  • Fortune Article on Truman, July 1945
  • Time Magazine, April 23, 1945
  • Truman Becomes President--Democratic Digest, May 1945
  • Truman's First week in Office--Life
  • Truman Article by Richard Rovene--Harper's, July 1948
  • Truman Article by J. H. McGrath, Saturday Evening Post, October 2, 1948
  • "Truman and His Friends--Look , by Marquis Childs
  • "Man of the Year" --Time, January 3, 1949
  • "Politician Extraordinary" --New York Times, May 7, 1950
  • Film on Truman's Life--Life--1948 Campaign
  • "Can We Afford Truman?" --Look, June 20, 1950
  • "How Harry S. Truman Does His Job" --Alfred Steinberg, Saturday Evening Post, March 3 and March 10, 1951
  • The Truman Merry-Go-Round
  • "Story of Truman and His Father" by Bela Kernitzer, Parents Magazine, March 1951
  • "The Men Around Truman" --St. Louis Star-Times
  • "Scandals of Washington" --U.S. News and World Report, March 16, 1951

Box 4

  • What Truman Would Do to Congress" by Jonathan Daniels--Look, April 1, 1951
  • Truman , Stalin and Peace by Albert Z. Carr
  • Magazine Articles Concerning President Truman by John Hersey--New Yorker, April 1951
  • "The Terrible Tempered Mr. Truman" by William Huie--Cosmopolitan, April 1951
  • Truman Articles--American Mercury, May and August, 1951
  • "The Scandalous Years" by Knebel & Wilson, Look, May 22, 1951
  • "Mr. Truman's Politburo by John Fischer--Harper's, June 1951
  • Magazine Article--Truman's Record
  • "A Few Kind Words for Harry Truman" by Harry Commager, Look, August 1941
  • "Truman Can't Lose" by Jonathan Daniels, American Magazine, September 1951
  • "How the President Remembers Pearl Harbor" , Robert Morra, New York Herald Tribune, December 1, 1951
  • "Truman's Wardrobe, Life, December 10, 1951
  • "The Strength of Harry Truman, Life, December 10, 1951
  • "Truman Builds a Fortune," U.S. News and World Report, February 15, 1952
  • "What You Don't Know About Truman, by Samuel Lubell, Saturday Evening Post, March 15, 1952
  • "The Riddle of Mrs. Truman," Collier's, February 9, 1952
  • Collier's Article--Truman Wooing the Business Man
  • Look Magazine Article "How Truman Got to Be President," August 1, 1950

LIBRARY CLIPPINGS FILES, 1944-1963: Harry S. Truman File: Biographical Data - Photographs

  • Family Pictures