Letter to the Chairman, Humanitarian Award Dinner of the Variety Clubs International

September 18, 1948

[ Released September 18, 1948. Dated September 15, 1948 ]

Dear Mr. Barron:

I deeply regret that absence from the city will keep me from attending the Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner of Variety Clubs International on Saturday evening, September eighteenth.

It is a personal satisfaction to me that the Honorable George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, will receive on this happy occasion the tribute of your annual award. I can think of no one more richly deserving of this recognition.

With all of you, I join in warm congratulations to General Marshall. To Variety, I extend hearty greetings. I know that it will never weary of the well-doing that has earned it such an abundance of gratitude and good wishes.
Very sincerely yours,

[Carter T. Barron, Esq., Chairman, Variety Clubs International Humanitarian Award Dinner, Hotel Statler, Washington, D.C.]

NOTE: The President's letter was read at the Humanitarian Award Dinner at the Statler Hotel in Washington by R. J. O'Donnell, International Chief Barker of the Variety Clubs International.