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Remarks in Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio While En Route to Washington

November 4, 1948

[1.] ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (1:35 p.m.)

Thank you. This certainly is worthwhile, and I appreciate it more than I can tell you. It has been a tremendous fight. And it was a fight for the welfare of the country and the people, I think.

The reason I am so happy is because my home State stood by me so well. You must continue to stand by me, because I have got the biggest job in the world, now. With your help, it can be done, just as we have been trying to do it for the last 3 1/2 years.

I can't tell you how very much I appreciate your interest, and how very much I appreciate this reception in Missouri's metropolis. It is mighty fine of you.

I hope that everything will continue to go well with you. Continue what you have been doing in the past for the welfare of this great country.

[2.] VINCENNES, INDIANA (5:10 p.m.)

Thank you--thank you very much. I have just received here a banknote on the First National Bank of Independence for $10; and the gentleman who gave it to me told me that if I ever went broke, he would redeem it.

I can't thank you enough--I can't thank you enough for this turnout. You have been exceedingly kind to me. They tell me that Vincennes went exactly right!

Just be patient when the train pulls down here by the platform, so that everybody can see me if they want to.

It is a great victory, my friends, for the people. We must not do anything that will reflect on the judgment of the people--so when we get back to Washington and are sworn in on the 20th of January, we will just continue to work for the people and in the interests of the country.

I do not feel elated at the victory--I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility. Just bear that in mind.

Now, good luck to all of you, and I hope-I sincerely hope--that you will not be disappointed in the result.

Thank you very much.

[3.] CINCINNATI, OHIO (10 p.m.)

Thank you--thank you very much.

It is a pleasure to have you here. I appreciate very much the reception which you have been kind enough to offer to me, and I sincerely hope that I will deserve the confidence which you have reposed in me.

It is a great responsibility which you have given me.

We have 4 years of hard work to do.

Now, if you will stay with me and help me out in the next 4 years as you have election day, why everything will be all right.