Statement by the President Urging Support of the CARE-for-Korea Campaign

November 14, 1950

IN THE last few years CARE has become a worldwide symbol of help from the American people to the people of war-depleted and underdeveloped countries. This person-to-person help--which has already totaled $100 million worth of CARE packages of food and other supplies--has traveled across the oceans as a direct individual supplement to the aid given by the Government of the United States to the governments of other nations.

Now the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe and Asia, at the request of the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid of the Department of State, is undertaking to channel relief packages from Americans to the thousands of families who have been left hungry and homeless by the fighting in Korea.

Our people, I am certain, will want to rally to this program to help humanity in distress. This Government is joining with other members of the United Nations to help Korean recovery. But the great need in a war-devastated country leaves much that our people, as individuals, can do. I strongly urge all Americans to contribute to the CARE-for-Korea campaign to provide gift parcels of food, clothing, blankets, and similar needed items.

Every CARE package delivered to a family in Korea, in the name of American donors, is proof of democracy in action to help its fellow man.

I am happy that a group of public-spirited citizens have agreed to cooperate in the effort and bring to the attention of the American people the needs of Korea and the service that the CARE-for-Korea program can render to the people of this devastated country.