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Exchange of Messages With Michael, Orthodox Archbishop of North and South America

January 6, 1950

IN RESPONSE to your appeal, I am glad to assure you that the United States will continue to give the utmost support to the efforts of the United Nations and the international Red Cross organizations to bring about the return to Greece of the thousands of children removed from that country to eastern Europe during the course of the recent guerrilla warfare. The people of the United States, and 'particularly the mothers of the United States, are deeply sensitive to the plight of these children and their bereaved families. We pray that the Governments of the countries harboring these children will be moved by a spirit of broad humanitarianism to cooperate in fulfilling the unanimous desire of the United Nations General Assembly that these children be promptly restored to their homes.

NOTE: Archbishop Michael's message, dated December 28, 1949, follows:

Just from Greece as the new spiritual leader of the Greek-American Orthodox people in your and our prosperous and beloved country, I make today an appeal to the civilized humanity and generous American people for the return to their parents of the abducted Greek children. Our Orthodox people here and in Greece who are so grateful to you and to the American people for all given assistance will count very much on your personality. Will you please exercise all your high influence upon the members of the United Nations so that these Greek children are returned to their homes.
MICHAEL, Archbishop of North and South America