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Harry S. Truman Papers Staff Member and Office FilesMartin L. Friedman Files

Dates: 1948-1953

Special Assistant in the White House Office, 1950-1953

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Size: 13 linear feet, 2 linear inches.
Access: open
Copyright: Harry S. Truman donated his copyright interest in writings in these files to the United States government. Documents created by U.S. Government officials in the course of their official duties are likewise in the public domain. Copyright interest in any other writings in these files is assumed to remain with the authors of the documents, or their heirs.
Processed by: Philip D. Lagerquist (1956); Sandra Colyer and David Clark (2015).

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Box 1

  • Administrative Assistant to the President
  • Assistant Secretary to the Air Force
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of Agriculture
  • Under Secretary of Agriculture
  • Board of Directors, Commodity Credit Corporation, Agriculture
  • Production Credit Commissioner, Farm Credit Administration Department, Department of Agriculture
  • Governor of Farm Credit Administration, Department of Agriculture
  • Secretary of Alaska
  • Ambassadors
  • Ambassador to Cuba
  • Ambassador to Czechoslovakia
  • Ambassador to El Salvador
  • Ambassador to India
  • Ambassador to Ireland
  • Ambassador to the Philippines
  • Ambassador to Uruguay
  • Ambassador to the Vatican
  • Assay Commission
  • Anglo-American Caribbean Commission
  • Army Chief of Finance
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army
  • Secretary of the Army
  • Chief of Army Engineers
  • Atomic Energy Commission
  • General Advisory Commission of the Atomic Energy Commission
  • Assistant Attorney General
  • U.S. Attorneys
  • U.S. Attorney for Hawaii
  • Special Boards and Commissions and Honorary Boards
  • Board of Visitors, Military and Naval Academies
  • American Battle Monuments Commission
  • Caribbean Commission
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Citizens' Committee to Study Phases of Preparedness Programs
  • Civil Aeronautics Board

Box 2

  • Civil Defense Administrator
  • Civil Defense Advisory Council
  • Civil Rights Commission
  • Civil Service Commissioner
  • Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review
  • Columbia Interstate Compact Committee
  • Assistant Secretary of Commerce
  • Under Secretary of Commerce
  • Civil Aeronautics Administration, Commerce
  • Solicitor for Department of Commerce
  • Collector of Customs
  • Displaced Persons Commission
  • D.C.-Records of Deeds for District of Columbia
  • Peoples' Counsel for District of Columbia
  • Government Contract Compliance Board
  • Defense Materials Procurement Administration
  • Office of Defense Mobilization
  • Defense Production Administration
  • District of Columbia Commissioner
  • ECA Public Advisory Board
  • Stabilization Administration
  • Advisory Commission on Educational Exchange
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Fine Arts, Commission of (7 Members)
  • President's Foreign Policy
  • Board of Foreign Scholarships
  • General Services Administration
  • Goethals Memorial Commission
  • Governor of Hawaii

Box 3

  • Secretary of Hawaii
  • World Health Organization
  • National Health Commission (15 Members)
  • Federal Home Loan Bank Board
  • Federal Housing Administration
  • Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization
  • President's Commission on Immigration and Naturalization
  • Assistant Secretary of the Interior
  • Under Secretary of the Interior
  • Governor of American Samoa, Interior
  • President's Commission on Internal Security and Individual Rights
  • Interdepartmental Commission on Internal Security
  • International Boundary and Water Commission
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue, Special Deputy Commissioner in Charge, Alcohol Tax
  • Internal Revenue
  • Collector of Internal Revenue
  • Interstate Commerce Commission
  • Bureau of Locomotive Inspection, ICC Director and Assistant Director
  • International Claims Commission
  • Commission to Investigate Malefactors in Government
  • Jefferson Memorial Project
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff

Box 4

  • Federal Judgeships (A-E)
  • Federal Judgeships (F-L)
  • Federal Judgeships (M-Z0
  • Judge for Municipal Court, District of Columbia
  • Judgeship-US Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
  • National Labor Relations Board
  • Representative to Inauguration of President of Liberia
  • Maritime Board
  • U.S. Marshalls

Box 5

  • Court of Military Appeals, Department of Defense
  • Court of Military Appeals
  • International Migration Agency
  • Federal Mints
  • Missouri Basin Survey Commission
  • Missouri Basin Survey Commission (Subordinate Jobs)
  • U.S. Bureau of Mines, Department of Interior
  • Commission To Study Mississippi Valley Authority
  • Motor Carrier Claims Commission
  • Mutual Security Administration
  • National Advisory Board on Mobilization
  • National Security Resources Board
  • Secretary of the Navy
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • Under Secretary of the Navy
  • Panama Canal Company Board
  • Paley Committee
  • National Capital Parks Planning Commission
  • Federal Parole Board
  • John Howard Payne Commission
  • Assistant Postmaster
  • Post Office Advisory Board
  • Point IV
  • Federal Power Commissioner
  • Postmasters, US

Box 6

  • Psychological Warfare Staff
  • Public Printer, Government Printing Office
  • American National Red Cross
  • Board of Advisors of the Federal Reformatory, Alderson, W. Va.
  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  • Renegotiation Board
  • Renegotiation Board, Subordinate Jobs
  • Chairman, Research Development Board
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Federal Reserve Banks
  • Retirement Survey Committee
  • Salary Stabilization Board, Chairman
  • Committee on Safety and Accident Prevention (Highway Safety)
  • Security Resources Board
  • Director, National Science Foundation
  • National Science Foundation Board
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission
  • Small Defense Plant Corporation Advisory Board
  • Solicitor General of the United States
  • Small Defense Plants Corporation
  • Small Defense Plants Administration (Subordinate Jobs)
  • Small Defense Plants Administration, Deputy Administrator
  • National Bureau of Standards, Director
  • Assistant Secretary of State
  • Office of Price Stabilization

Box 7

  • Subversive Activities Control Board
  • Surgeon General of USA
  • Tariff Commission
  • U.S. Tax Court
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Assistant Treasurer of USA
  • Advisory Committee for Truman Library
  • Universal Military Training and Service Act
  • United Nations Delegates or Representatives
  • United Nations Day Chairman
  • United Nations Commission for Asia and Far East
  • USO Advisory Committee
  • Virgin Islands Corporation, President
  • Wage Stabilization Board
  • National Water Pollution Control Advisory Board
  • Chief, US Weather Bureau
  • Women Appointees
  • Women (Prominent)

Box 8

  • Annual Report Under the Classification Act
  • Applications Forwarded to Civil Service Commission
  • Loyalty Security Program
  • Civil Service Legislation, 81st and 82nd Congress
  • Emergency Plans for Civilian Personnel Administration in Federal Government
  • Fair Employment Board
  • General Complains
  • Federal Civil Service, Important Events in Last 20 Years
  • Annual and Sick Leave
  • Liaison Office for Personnel Management
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mobilization of Executive and Administration Personnel
  • Loyalty Review Board
  • National Civil Service Week (69th Anniversary)
  • Pay Bill 1951

Box 9

  • Postal Service
  • Reserve Appointment Program
  • Retirement (CSC Position on S. 995)
  • Draft of E.O. Amending Civil Service Rule 11
  • Security Investigations (Transfer From FBI)
  • Senate Bill 1135
  • Supergrades GS 16, 17, 18
  • Without Compensation and While Actually Employed Appointments
  • Classification Surveys Under the Whitten Amendment
  • Rearrangement of Work Week for Christmas 1951
  • Advisory Commission – T.V. Spectrum (President's Special Committee on Television For Education, Civil and Military Defense)
  • Agricultural Personnel (Available for Foreign Assignment)
  • AF. of L. Government Employees Council of the American Management Association
  • "Best Brains" (President's Committee For Executive Reserve)
  • Cabinet Presentation (Plan Recommended by President's Committee for Executive Reserve)
  • Draft of 1953 Message
  • American Management Association
  • 1952 Campaign Material
  • Canal Zone Employment

Box 10

  • Cadre System of Staffing New Agencies
  • Charts (Organization)
  • D.C. Reorganization Plan
  • Potential Appointments for Cadre Staff of New Agencies
  • Production Act of 1950 and 1951 (Including Conflict of Interest Executive Orders
  • ECA-Democratic National Committee Recommendations for the Public Advisory Board
  • ECA-Public Advisory Board
  • ECA-Candidates for Administrator, Deputy, Roving Ambassador and Counsel
  • ECA-Top Staff Positions
  • ECA-Women Recommended For Public Advisory Board, etc.
  • Executive Interviews (For Federal Government Employment)
  • Form Letters
  • Delegation on German Debt Settlement
  • German Personnel Society (German Civil Service Group)
  • William A. Jump Memorial Award
  • Hot Weather Policy
  • Governors of the States
  • Congressmen and Senators (List of Defeated Ones and Those Who Did Not Run for 82nd Congress)
  • List of Ex-Members of Congress

Box 11

  • Speeches: President Truman
  • List of