A Living Legacy

Exiting from the Legacy Gallery and into the final hallway of the exhibition called "A Living Legacy."

You will encounter a video monitor which asks the question, "Who's Quoting Truman?".


This video program shows brief excerpts from speeches in which prominent American politicians of different political parties and philosophies invoke the spirit of Truman and claim his legacy.

At the end of the gallery is a large glass-covered posting board filled with recent newspaper and magazine articles about events and subjects of today that connect in some way to the decisions and actions of the Truman Administration.

The articles will change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Centered below the posting board is a large visitor opinion book.


A text panel encourages visitors to write down their thoughts about the Truman Presidency and their reactions to the exhibits in the Presidential Galleries.

Finally, as you leave the exhibition, you'll pass before a large photographic mural showing the silhouette of Harry Truman walking along a street in Independence during his retirement.