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Jan. 29.1883

Miss Nannie Bentley,

My dearest Nancy;--

Your precious old letter was received about two weeks ago and I hope you will pardon me for not writing sooner; but I have been very busy since New Year's, I will pardon you on condition that you will not be so long writing next time for I was thinking you had forgotten Matsy but was very glad to know that you had not, I had a real pleasant time Kansas, received several presents from my sisters and brothers in law and attended a Christmas tree at Hickmans Mill on Xmas night and received the nicest present; it was a morocco case lined with blue satin contain a comb, brush and glass, my fellow put (?) it on that is why I think so much of it. I spent the most of Xmas week at Mr. Holloway's and had boss time. Johnnie and I did have a boss [illegible] but it did not last very long. I had not heard about the S.F.C. girls before; I was very much surprised to hear of Callie M. acting in such a manner but I suppose that Dollie M. was the cause of it, I should have thought Doll would have tried to have behaved herself this year. I guess Dickabus was mad I think he is have a time; I wouldn't like very well to be there and especially in their places.

I supposed that Mr. Anderson and Ryle R. would have married and was rather astonished to hear that he and Miss Fannie had stepped off. Has [illegible] N. forgotten Etta? I believe every body is going to get married; all our young folks most have married this Winter. I shall expect to hear of your quitting the life of single blessedness pretty soon. I would like very much to meet your friend Miss Woodson but it is impossible for me to leave home this Winter, Pa and Mat were up Xmas and wanted me to go home with them but I couldn't. I would give any thing to see you; you must be sure and come to see me in the Summer and go with Lute and I to see Mat. Have you heard from Mary lately? And did you ever hear whether Mary Letts got well or not? I wish I could go with you to C. for I know you'll have a jolly time. Bertie Wright was at home during the holidays but Anna Palmer remained at College, they are very much pleased this year although they haven't near so many boarders. Nan, make hate and have that picture taken for I am getting terribly impatient, now just please sent it. You will please excuse this letter for I haven't one bit ofnews to write. Now please write soon for I love to hear from you. Give my love to Miss Lina. Ella sends love and I sent lots and lots. Good by.

Yours devotedly