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hst-nb_naid6656247-01 - 1884-12-28

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Lamar, Mo.

Dec. 28th, 1884

My Darling Nancy,--

Well Xmas is over at last and I am back to my boarding place, ready to begin work again. Oh! how I dread it. I only gave from Wednesday until Monday. I am so anxious for school to close. I only have five more weeks. I am quite busy now making preparations for our exhibition the last night. It is fearful weather too, has been so awful cold,-it rained all day yesterday and this morning and most of the snow has gone; Bro. and I had the most miserable time coming out, the little branches were almost up into the buggy and then, we had to go almost to Halifax before we could get here and the roads were so bad I don't expect I will get to go home for two weeks and I shall surely go off. How did I spend Xmas? It was awful dull, but I enjoyed it immense. I got to rest, it was so cold, you couldn't stick your head out side the door without freezing. Santa Claus came to see me. I am so much obliged to you for painting the hat mark, it is just real pretty, I was very much pleased with it. I am sorry you were disappointed about getting to go to Columbia for if you are like me it almost kills you to be disappointed, but I guess all of us will have to get used to them sooner or later, but the getting used to it isn't any fun. Lute wrote me that Riley Ragland was married to a gentleman on his death bed and that she was boarding with Prof. and Mrs. Rider in Liberty and that was all I heard. I haven't heard from Mary for more than six months. My old bachelor has played out, I haven't any fellow at all now. Can't you find me one down there? If you will I'll come down. I expect maby I will come to see you and Lute next summer, but just as certain as I say I am going something will turn up so I can't go, for that is just my luck. If I do get to go though you have got to go back home with me. Will you? I don't like bachelors; don't you mary one. I wouldn't care how much money he had. I hope your fellow came from out west, no I wouldn't love him one bit if he didn't come, you must tell me if he did. Don't talk of me shipping you some boys, there isn't any here that I'd wipe my foot on (or at least I haven't met them) they are above par down here. I think some one had better get up a car load of cute ones and sell them to the highest bidder. I must close as it is pas bedtime. Give my love to Miss Lida and a large slice for your-self. Write real soon. Yours devotedly Mattie

Excuse this wretched letter