hst-nb_naid6656250-01 - 1885-05-12

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Harrisonville, MO.

May 12, 1885

My dear Nan,

I have thought every day I'd certainly answer your dear old letter, but Bro. was very sick for almost three weeks and there wasn't any one here but Mattie & I, we just had an awful time. Baby was real sick too, we were completely worn out; the neighbors were kind and willing to do anything and oh dear me! there was the cutest Dr. waited on him, he used to attend the University in Columbia, Elder is his name. Do you know him? I am dead gone on a druggist. I had to go after all the medicine while Bro. was sick and he (the druggist) always waited on me, he is just awful nice, but I am going home next week and leave him. I have had a very pleasant time since Bro. has gotten well. I attended an ice cream festival, week before last, given by the ladies of the Baptist Church. I enjoyed my-self real well. I like the young folks so much they are so sociable and jolly. Bro. and I went up to see Sister Emma last Saturday a week and stayed until Thursday, it was quite a treat to me I hadn't seen her for almost a year. I met J.S. in the road but neither of us spoke. I am glad for you that you will have your Bro. and Sister so close and love her so dearly. Yes, I guess it pays to get married sometimes and sometimes it don't. La child I haven't gotten me any new dresses only what I am compelled to have, you needn't to think there is any-thing up for there isn't. I haven't done any-thing to my white dress yet. I don't believe it will be warm enough to wear it anyway. I never did see such weather I am almost frozen all the time. I haven't heard from Lute for a coon's age. I guess she has forgotten us, and I never do hear from Mary. I think Billy & Dolly would make a boss match, but I'd hate to be in her place wouldn't you? Well Nan, I am ashamed to say it and sorry too as I can be and never am going to say I am going any place again for I was so certain I'd get to go and see you but I guess it will be impossible. I am always getting disappointed, but Nan won't you just please come to see me? You & Miss Lida, I'll just do all I can to make you enjoy your-selves now just please come. I will have to close as it is bed time. Direct your letters to Independence, Box 336. Write real soon. Mattie send love. Give my love to Miss Lida and much for your-self. Yours forever, Mattie T.

Yes the baby I spoke of his Mattie's; he is a year old.