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Vaughan, Harry H., 1893-1981

President Truman and General Eisenhower Talk in Frankfort, Germany

In the foreground facing the camera are Lieutenant Kay Summersby, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and President Harry S. Truman. In the background, to the right of Truman is General Harry Vaughan. All other military personnel at the airfield are unidentified. The President is in Frankfort, Germany traveling during a break in the Potsdam Conference. Donated in the name of Don Costello.

President Truman at United Nations Conference

President Harry S. Truman (behind the lectern) addresses the closing session of the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, California. Seated on the right is Secretary of State Edward Stettinius (closest to lectern) and Secretary-General of the Conference Alger Hiss. Seated behind President Truman is Military Aide Major General Harry Vaughan (left) and Naval Aide Captain James Vardaman (right). All others are unidentified. Donor: Margaret Poore.

President Truman Visits Troops in Germany

Lieutenant E.B. Kalber, a member of the 17th Combat Engineers, 2nd Armored Division (front right), reads the Presidential Citation to troops for building a bridge under fire across the Rhine River during World War II. President Harry S. Truman personally presented the citation while in Germany for the Potsdam Conference in 1945.  Platform (L to R): Brigadier General Harry H. Vaughan; Major General Floyd L. Parks; Secretary of State James F. Byrnes; two unidentified military officers; President Truman; Admiral of the Fleet William D. Leahy.

President Truman visits U.S. Naval Academy

President Truman visiting the US Naval Academy for a Navy - Penn football game. Pictured in the front row is (from left to right): President Harry S Truman; Superintendent of the Naval Academy, Vice Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch; Brigadier General Harry Vaughan; Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal; Rear Admiral Stuart H. Ingersoll; Admiral of the Fleet William D. Leahy; Press Secretary Charles Ross. Official U.S. Naval Photograph number 2671. Donated by Mr. J. E. Bradshaw.