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President Harry S. Truman Awarding Medal of Honor

President Truman is shown awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Sergeant Jake Lindsey, Lucedale, Mississippi during an award ceremony held during a joint session of Congress. Sergeant Lindsey is the 100th soldier to receive the award. Watching the ceremony standing on the right behind President Truman is General of the Army George C. Marshall. On the rostrum is Kenneth McKellar, far left, President Pro Tempore of the Senate and on the right Sam Rayburn, Speaker of the House. Others in view are not identified.

Conference in Detroit for Determining the Ability of Manufacturers to Produce Parts for Army

Conference in Detroit, Michigan between United States Army ordinance and washing machine industry officials to determine the ability of manufacturers to produce parts needed by the Army. After inspecting samples and blue prints, prices were discussed. Land mines, trench mortars, gun clips and gas containers are on display. From: Photos used in the 1984 Truman Centennial Exhibit. Library of Congress Photo Number: LC-USW-3-1.