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James Buchanan and the Lecompton Constitution

Students will study how James Buchanan’s decisions regarding the Lecompton Constitution impacted Kansas Territory and the United States.

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World War I and Wheat Farmers

Students will study the impact of World War I on wheat farmers, learning how a dramatic world event can impact a small sub-set of people.
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Civil War Turning Points

Students will understand the major turning points of the Civil War, why these turning points were important, and how many of these turning points are interconnected.
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Truman and Executive Order 9981: Idealistic, Pragmatic, or Shrewd Politician?

Formulate a deeper level of understanding of Truman and Executive Order 9981 by allowing students to construct their own opinion based upon evidence from primary sources.
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George Washington's Farewell Address: Did the U.S. Take His Advice?

This activity incorporates the study of primary sources and cooperative learning.
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Conflicting Views of Point IV

After addressing a central question, students will analyze primary source documents to formulate their own opinion on the Point IV program.
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