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Cuban Missile Crisis Spy

Students will examine and evaluate primary documents relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
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World War I as a Pivotal Point in History

Students will present an argument for what was the most significant result of World War I to change the development of the world.
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Causes of World War I

Students as a group will present a persuasive argument for which of the 4 MAIN (militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism) causes was primarily responsible for leading to World War I.
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Yalta Conference Activity

Students will fulfill the role of the political leaders at the Conference at Yalta and reenact the conference. They will debate the issues discussed at the conference to determine if they come to the same ends as what actually happened in 1945.
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Candy Bomber Activity: Berlin Airlift

The daring activities of Gail Halvorsen will be presented in class. Students will then be asked to formulate a plan to create and hopefully implement their own service activity.
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