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Interpreting Norman Rockwell’s Painting Concerning the 1948 Presidential Election

Group discussion of Norman Rockwell’s painting from the October 30, 1948 cover of the Saturday Evening Post.
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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and War Powers Act

An examination of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, its intent and impact, its ultimate repeal and its relationship to the War Powers Resolution.
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Analyzing Wilson's Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War with Germany

Student will analyze Wilson's Address to Congress Requesting a Declaration of War with Germany.
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Presidential Decision Making: Truman's Recognition of Israel

Students will examine documents from opposite sides from advisors close to Truman on the issue of the Recognition of Israel.
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Comparing Campaign Speeches Given in Salt Lake City during the 1948 Presidential Campaign

Students will read campaign speeches given by Truman and Dewey in September, 1948, in Salt Lake City, and then compare the two by filling out a checklist of typical campaign speech characteristics.
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What if .... End of WWII in the Pacific

Class discussion on the end of the war in the pacific.
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Truman, Civil Rights and the Desegregation of the Military

This activity will employ selected primary documents to explore Truman's views on the race question, from his days of courting Bess Wallace through his post-Presidential years.
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Why did Truman authorize de facto recognition of Israel on May 14, 1948?

Students will examine primary sources to determine Truman's actions over Israel.
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Analyzing the Marshall Plan Speech

For homework, each student will be given a transcript of the speech given by George Marshall at Harvard University on June 5, 1947, and a list of 11 questions (added to the bottom of this form) to answer concerning the speech.
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Analyzing Congressional Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act

To help students understand that while political party affiliation often has a profound impact upon Congressional voting, geographic considerations especially during the antebellum era can have an even bigger impact.
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