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Edith Bolling Wilson: Madam President or Dutiful Wife?

Studying primary and secondary sources to discern Edith Wilson's role in the presidency.
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Warren G. Harding and the 1920 Election: Women Pave the Way

This lesson will allow advanced middle school or high school students to analyze primary source documents concerning the women's rights movement in the United States to end suffrage and propose a constitutional amendment for the right to vote.
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Civil Rights After Baseball: The Presidential Responses to Jackie Robinson

This will be a technology-based, analysis, assignment that will focus on primary source documents of President Truman's viewpoints on race and letters that Brooklyn Dodgers Hall-of-Famer Jackie Robinson wrote to former Presidents.
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Propaganda Techniques and Harry S. Truman's St. Louis 1948 Reelection Speech

This activity will involve analyzing various propaganda techniques in the address delivered by President Harry S. Truman at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 30, 1948, during his reelection campaign.
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Northern and Southern Civil War Strategies and Missouri's Legacy: 1861-1865

This is a technology based, two-day project that requires a direct instructional approach with a lecture and about a day and a half of using artifacts and primary sources to look at Missouri's involvement in the Civil War.
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Famous Photographs of the Vietnam War: Images that Influenced Peoples' Opinions About the War

The primary objective for this activity is to provide a medium for students to explore the Vietnam War thorough a multitude of camera lenses and personal experiences.
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The Cuban Missile Crisis in 10 Steps

The students will have a lecture and view some political cartoons and maps during the time period of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The students will participate in the Notebook activity at the end of the lesson.
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Emma Goldman: A Fight For Women and Equal Rights

This will be an individual learning assignment that will require the use of artifacts and other primary sources from the Emma Goldman Papers project by the University of California-Berkeley and Public Broadcasting Station (PBS).
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Race and Society in Professional Baseball: 1880s-1972

There will be cooperative learning as students will be working in groups of 4-5 and analyzing secondary sources concerning Cap Anson and primary sources from after Jackie Robinson's playing days.
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