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AP U.S. History

Truman and Civil Rights: Analyzing Sources

This is a document-based-question assignment that requires the students to construct a coherent essay that integrates their interpretation of primary source documents and their knowledge of the time period referenced in the question.
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Identity Politics in the 1960s and 1970s: Women & Native Americans

In this lesson, the students will apply their knowledge of the tactics and strategies used during the Civil Rights Movement to the movements for women's rights and Native American rights. The students will use both primary and secondary sources.
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The Election of 1860: An Analysis of Editorial Cartoons

The students will analyze editorial cartoons created in the context of the Election of 1860. Students will use the primary sources to identify the major issues of this election and how those issues shaped the elections outcome.
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Timeline Activity 1848-1856

Students must understand the progression of events in the 1850s to comprehend how difficult it became to reconcile differing opinions in the nation over slavery, states rights, and territorial expansion. Chronological analysis and cause/effect are both important skills for students to master prior to the national Advanced Placement United States History exam.
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