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President Harry Truman and Civil Rights In America

What is the difference between what Truman said and what he did on the subject of race
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U.S. Foreign Policy

A broad overview of U.S. foreign policy from Truman to Bush 43.
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Why Support the Marshall Plan?

This lesson will help students focus on the needs of the world following World War II and will allow the students to use and understand the importance of political cartoons as a primary source.
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1948 Election Strategy

Using cooperative learning small groups will analyze and summarize key aspects of the Clifford-Rowe Memorandum.
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What's in a Picture? A Governmental System

Students will take part in a lesson where they are shown pictures of certain leaders. When the students see the picture they will be asked to describe the person and any characteristics they can make out about that person.
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Prohibition and the Constitution

Students will be assigned the task of making two 6 panel cartoons that illustrates the desire for Prohibition and the repeal of prohibition. The students will create these cartoons after reading the 18th and 21st Amendment and viewing news reel footage.
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