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World War One Dog Hero

Second grade students will learn about the many important roles that animals played during wartime.
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Pete: Truman's White House Squirrel

This lesson provides information to students about the White House, and the residents of the White House. Second grade students can identify with animals and pets and it makes the topic of learning about the White House a more personal connection.
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Analyzing Primary Sources

Primary source discovery and analysis
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Tales of Truman's Travels Fifty Years Ago

Developing research skills in third graders using Truman's extensive travels as a jumping off point
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Political Cartoons: Introduction to Symbols

Reflection and analysis of symbols and their use in political cartoons
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Missouri Vacation Learning Unit

Vacation planning as a fourth-grade introduction to a host of ideas including, map reading, state history, recreation in Missouri, scarcity, and opportunity cost
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Taking a look at Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry

Students compare and contrast the lives of three of the most prominent artists in the Regionalism movement: Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry
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Analyzing a Political Comic Book Prepared for the 1948 Campaign

Students analyze a biographical comic book summarizing President Harry S. Truman's life prepared by the Democratic Party.
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