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According to Abe

The purpose of this lesson is for the students to realize that though Lincoln was faced with numerous
challenges throughout his presidency his goals remained steadfast and his convictions firm, as is clearly
evidenced by his speeches.
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James Buchanan and the Lecompton Constitution

Students will study how James Buchanan’s decisions regarding the Lecompton Constitution impacted Kansas Territory and the United States.

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The Whistle Stop Tour, The Electoral College, and Demographics

Students will complete a set of analytical questions (on paper or electronically) while using primary and secondary map resources individually, pair-share, and then discuss as a class/group as a formative assessment or review tool over the Electoral College and demographics.
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The Iran Hostage Crisis Simulation

The student will: be able to analyze how foreign policy decisions are reached and how global events impact U.S. Presidential administrations
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Was the internment of Japanese Americans an abuse of power by FDR or an essential act to protect America?

This lesson is designed for a high school level United States History Class but can be modified for a middle level classroom as well. This lesson combines partner/group work with an individual assignment. The students will be examining both primary and secondary sources in this lesson.

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Presidential Speed Dating

This lesson will give students the opportunity to hear from other presidents and think about how their character/president might relate to them. It gives the students an opportunity to become a certain president – to look at presidents in a slightly different manner.
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Presidential Powers

This lesson would be in a Junior level U.S. Government course, once they have a complete idea of the Articles of the Constitution and have had a chance to explore Article 1 and Legislative Branch. It will require the student to apply their growing base of knowledge on the Power/Role of the President to their knowledge of life in American(Present, Past and Future).
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A Best Laid Plan Derailed. Modern Supreme Court interpretation of the Need for the Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court rulings in the Shaw v. Reno (1995) and the Shelby County vs. Holder (2013) cases relied heavily on the reasoning behind the passage of the Voting Rights Act (1965). Students in AP Gov’t and Politics are required to know both cases as part of the cannon of cases and the precedents set as part of the course standards.

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SWOT Analysis of the End of Military Reconstruction

Students will use the SWOT method (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to synthesize knowledge about the end of Reconstruction.
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Timeline of Civil Rights through American History

Students will be able to identify a few relevant Civil Rights issues AND how the president of that era confronted/handled/resolved the issue, along with causes/effects; then students will reveal how many issues of the past affect their own lives today and explain how.

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