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Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972

Pete: Truman's White House Squirrel

This lesson provides information to students about the White House, and the residents of the White House. Second grade students can identify with animals and pets and it makes the topic of learning about the White House a more personal connection.
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Truman Declines to Comply: Examining the Loyalty program

This lesson uses primary documents to support an examination of the use of subpoenas by legislative bodies to demand testimony and the power of presidents when refusing to cooperate.  The lesson can be done as individual or pair work initially and finishes with group and class discussion.
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Compare and Contrast the Civil Rights Accomplishments of the Truman Administration and the Eisenhower Administration

Students will attempt to answer the prompt: Compare and Contrast the Civil Rights accomplishments of the Truman administration and the Eisenhower administration by examining the documents and incorporating their knowledge of the time period.
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The Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

Students will examine three cornerstones of American foreign policy during the Cold War -- the Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines.
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Truman and the Modern State of Israel

The development of the state of Israel
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Creating a Truman page for a Textbook using

Students will analyze primary documents about the Truman administration and create a textbook page.
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Captain Harry Truman

This is lecture activity using power discussing the importance of and impact of WWI specifically from the point of view of Harry S. Truman. The lecture follows the decision of the 33 year old veteran from the farm to France leaving his mom and sister.
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