Vietnam War

The Fall of Saigon

Students explore and analyze artifacts in the Vietnam Traveling Trunk
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Vietnam- Dien Bien Phu, origins of the war, and early U.S. involvement

Help students see the Vietnam War in the larger context of the Cold War.
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The Nation in Conflict: The Vietnam War

Technological project: Photostory or Movie Maker. The student is to create a visual presentation that tells the historical facts of the Vietnam War. They are also to include in their presentation music that reflects the era of the war.
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Famous Photographs of the Vietnam War: Images that Influenced Peoples' Opinions About the War

The primary objective for this activity is to provide a medium for students to explore the Vietnam War thorough a multitude of camera lenses and personal experiences.
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LBJ-- Escalation in Vietnam and Domestic programs

Each student will complete concept maps on the sections on Vietnam, LBJ's Administration, and Civil Rights Movement.
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