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Korean War

Korean War Propaganda

Uses analysis of primary source documents and small group discussion to help students gain a better understanding of the Korean War through the viewpoints of many different people. Students will learn about propaganda methods and types of propaganda.
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Service and Sacrifice in Korea: Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun

This lesson is designed to give students a greater understanding of the Korean War through examining the experiences of a military chaplain, Capt. Emil J. Kapaun who was captured and later died from dysentery while being held as a POW.
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Korean War Timeline and Journaling

Using the Truman Library Korean War Document collection, the students will read primary documents, analyze and evaluate them, synthesize a summary and place them on a timeline. The timeline forms the basis for other activities.
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US Involvement in the Korean War

Cooperative learning activity containing small classroom groups and ending with entire class, student-led discussion. Primary sources and maps will form basis for discussion of Korean War.
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To Fire or Not to Fire - Presidential Simulation

Students will analyze the power of the Presidency in the U.S. Using a timeline of events of the Korean War (all events and people will be hidden in pseudonym during simulation), students will determine how the President exercises his authority.
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1950 Congressional Election

Students will analyze results of the 1950 congressional elections to determine how/why the Democrats lost enough seats to cause President Truman to lose a working majority in Congress.
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