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World War I

Great War Round Table Simulation

Determine the role of a specific person affected by the Great War and describe how their life was altered as a result of the fighting
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Great War Press Conference

Students will work in groups and do research to identify the reasons for fighting in The Great War by the primary combatants in December of 1914.
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World War I Trial

Students will conduct a trial based around the question “How should instigators of war be held responsible for their actions?”
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Mr. Postman Deliver the Letter

Students will read and assess letters of former President Harry Truman to understand what was transpiring in his life during the time he spent in the army during World War One.
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African Americans in World War I

Students will work together to analyze primary resources about African Americans in the Great War.
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The Power of Persuasion: Press and Propaganda During World War I

Critically analyzing media/print bias is an important skill in today's world to avoid being manipulated by advertisers, news sources or politicians.
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An Uphill Battle: Fighting Injustice on the Home Front During WWI

Students will rotate through four learning centers where they will read primary and secondary sources about injustices during World War I.
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The US Media and the Armenian Massacre

Students, after learning about WWI and the Armenian massacres will create newspapers analyzing the role of the media and the U.S. in the massacres.
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The Hello Girls in World War I

Students will work in learning communities (small groups) to create a presentation explaining the role of The Hello Girls in WWI.
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Where does your loyalty lie?

This lesson will help students understand how Americans felt about WWI before we entered it and understand that it was not necessarily widely supported like WWII.
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