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Civil War

According to Abe

The purpose of this lesson is for the students to realize that though Lincoln was faced with numerous
challenges throughout his presidency his goals remained steadfast and his convictions firm, as is clearly
evidenced by his speeches.
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An afternoon with Mary Todd Lincoln

Using Mrs. Lincoln to give a sense of the Civil War era
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Factors that influenced President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation

Comparing and contrasting opinions that influenced Lincoln in making the Emancipation Procalmation
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To Free the Slaves

Students will research members of Lincolns cabinet to better understand the process of emancipating the slaves.
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Gettysburg Address Close Read

Close read of Gettysburg Address activity
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Former Slaves Making America A Better Place for All

Students will work collaboratively (or individually) to produce a presentation that addresses the demographics of the slave population and contributions by a freed slave from students home region
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Exodusters in Kansas

Students will learn about exodusters coming to Kansas during the reconstruction period.
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News Bias Then and Now

Students will discover and turn in examples of bias in the news media.
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Popular Sovereignty or Shall Kansas Be A Free or Slave State?

To illustrate the two differing/opposite points of view on the expansion of slavery into the territory of Kansas and later the issue of slavery in the entire country.
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Kansas in the American Civil War

In this activity the student will use two primary sources of a famous painting and a picture that depict what was going on in Kansas and Missouri during the border wars
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