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Nuremberg Trials

This lesson will fit into my post war unit right before we get into the Cold War. The purpose of teaching about Nuremberg is two fold, first to talk about how the World was changing in relationship to dealing with this type of crime...
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Good Man in Hell: Rwanda and the Western Response

Students will explore the Rwandan Genocide and the Western response to the genocide
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War Crimes

This is a cumulative lesson on the Holocaust. This lesson will be used towards the end of the Holocaust Unit. Students will have a thorough knowledge of the Holocaust. This lesson may be used before or after the lesson on the Nuremberg trials.
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Holocaust Studies

The student will examine the choices of the Einsatzgruppen leadership from the Holocaust, and that of General Romeo Dallaire, from the Rwandan genocide, and compare and contrast the moral and ethical consequences.
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Race and Ethnicity

Students will understand how prejudice is learned and how members of a group internalize dominant group norms. Students will learn obstacles to normalization after genocide and propose possible solutions to neutralize those obstacles.
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